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"Somewhere, -somebody- is probably getting their jollies about seeing me butt-naked at the end of adventures. I need to hunt them down and slap them silly into the stratosphere."
-- Kanna gets rare insight into the nature of her universe.

"Damn. That's a nasty crossbow."
-- Thoric on seeing Beryllina (Kanna's sword) in action for the first time.

Thoric says, "Outsider Inside? Is that like 'Intel Inside'?"
Lian grins briefly. "Kinda. Except that Intel's not -that- evil."
-- on the nature of Outsider-powered shadow travel.

Keitaro says, "They are ordering us not to resist or we will be destroyed."
Jacqueline says, "Ooooh no we don't. The last two times I listened to THAT I got my head caved in!"
-- Learning From Experience.

-- Kanna channels the spirit of Shaft.

Kanna says, "That... was really fucking odd."
Thoric says, "Nice to know the Outsiders have a sense of humor even if they can't play worth shit."
-- Beware the Wrath of Oliver Cromwell!

Kanna OOCly suddenly gets the vision of the end of Flash Gordon the Movie.
Kanna OOCly says, "["What do you mean, 'Cait and the Pouges' approaching?"]"
-- Philip on Gabrielle's plan to break through the Outsider barrier around Kadath.

Gabrielle introduces the Pogues. "Guys, this is my old band. Cait and I used to tour. They're good at things that involve rampant destruction via music."
Touga asks, "Are they good at flying?"
Sean says, "Just gimme enough whiskey and I'll fly alright."
Lian says, "Gaby ... I hope you have flight spells for them. I'm a four person dragon, at most."
Kanna ahs. "Pleased to meet you, then. I'm sis's sister, here, in case you hadn't guessed." She grins a bit, ruefully.
Cait says, "Oh, yar. She told me about you." She leers suggestively. "See you got the Harad build."
Kanna smirks, and crosses her arms across her chest. "You better believe it, Cait. You been treatin' my sister right?"
Cait laughs uprorariously. "I haven't been treatin' the poor dear in some time." She grins evilly at Gabby. "So when're you gonna leave waterboy and come back on tour, eh?"
Gabrielle chuckles. "About the same time you and Shane admit your mad passionate passion for each other."
Thoric . o O (Next time, I explicitly add 'no Pogues', no 'Rolling Stones' and 'no Bangles' to my contract)
Kanna . o O (And here I thought my life couldn't get more surreal.)
-- Gabrielle has interesting friends...

Motoko walks with Miki and Davros to the outside of the Cathedral, then sits down rather heavily on the bottom steps.
Davros sits down on one side of you, Miki on the other.
Motoko says, "Well..." she says quietly, looking up at the shifting colours of Chaos's sky. "Well... well, fuck."
-- Motoko deals with news of Lord Alars' death.

And somehow, Moriya's fingers get entagled with Mitsune's bikini top. "Oh, no," he says, flatly. "How can I get my hand free?"
-- He's turning into Austin Powers.

Moriya narrows his eyes slightly. "This is kind of odd, Motoko...who'd have ever figured you for a pervert?" Then he winks, apparently something he's picked up from Mitsune.
Motoko smirks. "Pervert, Mr. Six Hours?"
Moriya coughs. "That's just stamina."
Motoko says, "Of course."
-- Yes, Mitsune is a very happy woman.

Moriya says, "Cheer up, Jacqueline. You get to engage in wanton destruction without me chiding you."
Jacqueline stares flatly at Moriya. "Very funny."
-- Moriya the smart-ass

Jacqueline turns to Motoko. "So I guess... it's off to chaos for you."
Jacqueline twitches. "NONONONONO!"
Motoko nods. "Good luck to the two of you. Jacqui-chan, you know I'll always--" She twitches. "No. Thank you, Morgenstern. I will find my own means of transit." She whispers to Jacqui. "This is because I threw him through the ceiling at the hot tub party, isn't it?"
Jacqueline whispers back, "Um, maybe."
Motoko sweats. "I think I'd better go quickly."
Jacqueline gives Motoko one last embrace. "Be careful down there."
-- And you thought Mo was done flinging people to Chaos.

Jacqueline taps her ring. "Uncle Mo, Mutsumi is kinda fragile of health. If she gets in danger, please, please help protect her?"
Morgernstern says, "Of course, Jacqui! I'll take good care of her."
Jacqueline says, "and don't mack on her."
Morgenstern says, "But she's so cuddly!"
-- Shaft's Influence Lives.

{Lian} grins. "If we continue this for much longer, we'll be infamous among Outsider minions."
Kanna dryly comments, "The same way we're infamous among the KTC and Siam, Lian?"
Lian nods, "Something like that. Though I doubt that the Outsiders will put a bounty on our heads."
{Kanna} looks at Lian. "No, they'd just want to -munch- our heads."
Lian says, "I don't plan on letting them do that."
Kanna says, "Thaaaank you, Lian."
-- The team of Kanna and Lian, ladies and gentlemen.

Jacqueline says, "ah.... good day, Dr. Carter. I'm a representative of the amber kingdom, trying to track down some renegades that may be looking for a device known as Mageddon... I plan to pproach Akashan league, since the rogues seem headed to them, but am unsure how best to approach them. I was told you would be knowledgable about who we should talk to over there, the proper protocols and such."
He asks, "Which Amber Kingdom?"
Jacqueline says, "ah... the one that can actually pronounce 'Q'"
He laughs. "That includes quite a few of them."
Jacqueline scratches her head. "Well, that is a point.... er.... goodness, how to clarify."
-- In a world of infinite Ambers, it _is_ a bit of a pain to clarify....

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