"Oh crap. I've got Destiny."
-- Jacqueline Tenjou, informed that she's The Bride of the Jewel.

Moonshade, "But Shinobu and Keitaro...I hope I never shout 'Ride me like a hurricane' during Sex."
Motoko says, "I suppose that's the kind of thing she learned growing up a warrior hussy." She sounds slightly disapproving.
Moonshade says, "You think the Aesir trained her to shout 'Ride me like a hurricane' during sex? Man, they must be really weird there."
Motoko coughs. "Well, I expect she didn't learn it before she went to House Aesir."
Moonshade says, "Well, if you ever hear me shouting that, please kill me."
Motoko says, "Moonshade, to be entirely honest, I suspect that if I am ever in the position to hear what you shout during sex, I'll probably die of embarassment before being able to kill you."
-- Moonshade and Motoko bond.

"I am what I am. In blood and fire, pain and sacrifice, I forged this world from the stuff of Shadow, made it a haven against the powers of the Void, from those who lurk Outside to destroy it as they destroyed what once was and perhaps may one day be again. I am love and hate, joy and despair, fear and courage, ever-changing unchanged, forever myself but forever different. I die daily and am reborn in the shedding of my skin."
Moonshade begins to look very frustrated. "You sound like Aunt Varda when she's been smoking some of Aunt Yavanna's plants! What kind of a being are you? Are you a god?"
The Serpent sounds vaguely amused. "A wise man once said, 'If someone asks you if you're a god, say yes'."
Moonshade looks about ready to try to throttle the Serpent.
-- Moonshade meets the Serpent of Chaos.

It(The Logrus) drifts closer. "HMm. YoU DAtiNG aNYoNe?"
Jacqueline turns deathly pale white. "E-e-er a-a-anooo..... n-n-not really."
"GOod. WhY sHOulD I lEt the SErpENt geT all thE AcTIOn ARounD here? LeT'S YoU and ME go haVE a GooD timE, THEn!"
Anno twitches. "You've been watching those Porn channels again."
-- And thus begins the most infamous Date in history.

"And it's on a date with MY SISTER? We have to stop it before it's too late! I've got a Patternblade! We can take it!"
-- Moonshade on the Jacqueline-Logrus date.

Yumi says, "And of course, the fact that you had sex with her multiple times further complicates things."
Jacqueline says weakly, "I was tricked, really."
-- what not to do with a Space Juri.

About 60 feet down, you come upon one particularly unusual one. It's a metal object with large flat glass 'eyes', shaped roughly like a human head.
Lucien looks at it. "Kanna, what do you make of this?"
It seems to emit a faint, hard to hear hum.
Kanna blinks at that, and studies the thing. First normally, to gauge the shape of it, NOT meeting the thing's eyes.
Lucien pulls out his father's book and tries to see if there was any mention of it.
The eyes snap open, and it looks Kanna up and down.
Or to be more precise, eye images appear on the glass 'eyes'
Lucien asks, "What did you do?"
Then it announces, "I will love you forever!"
Ruka twitches. Kitiara laughs loudly.
Lucien blinks.
Morrigan just smiles, and Pirotase blinks.
It says, "You are the most beautiful woman in the universe!"
Kanna says, "...."
Lucien asks, "Who... what are you?"
Kanna says, "I... just looked at the thing. Not even patternsight."
Kanna asks, "Erm, thank you, that's very flattering, but who are you, how did you and Derith of Rebma cross paths, and how did you get here?"
Lucien grumbles. "I asked first."
Kanna looks apologetically at Lucien, and shrugs.
"I am the all powerful advisor of Derith, 790! I was placed here for my own safety when he prepared his great working to save Rebma. I have been sleeping since then, as he seems to be even LATER THAN USUAL. And who are you, oh vision of loveliness?"
Lucien snaps. "That's my father you're talking of, metal-head."
Kanna ehehs. If they weren't underwater, she would sweatdrop.
-- Derith found the oddest things in Shadow, back in the day.

790 ignores Lucien. "Ahh, radiant goddess, with hair like flame, whenever shall I..." He pauses and looks at Ruka with the GLARE OF DEATH. Which doesn't see to actually do anything. "I sense great evil in this Ruka man, my only love!"
Ruka blinks. "It's my aftershave, I bet."
-- 790's jealousy gets the better of him.

Lucien says, "OK, so tell us how we get through the Maze"
790 looks at Lucien. "Why should I help you go loot Derith's stuff?"
Kanna says, "Because for one, he is Derith's -Son- and -Heir-, 790."
Kanna says, "If there is anyone in the entirety of Reality and Shadow who has -more- right to Prince Derith's Legacy, I cannot think of it."
Lucien says very slowly. "Derith is dead. He died because of his attempt to save Rebma. In fact, his actions let Annadil destroy Rebma and the Water Pattern"
790 says, "Just because Derith is dead doesn't mean I can just roll over and let you take his stuff. Anyone could CLAIM to be his son. Can you prove it?"
Lucien says, "I have his sword, Greyswandir. I am attuned to the Water Jewel. I have the book he left me of his writings (where he never mentioned YOU, you overrated sardine can). I am his blood."
790 says, "You don't look like blood."
He says, "And how do I know you didn't just mug him and take his stuff?"
Lucien grabs 790 and prepares to throw him to the bottom of the pit.
-- Strife in the House of Rebma.

790 smiles. "Ahh, my blessed goddess Kanna! Your eyes are like old pools of limpid water in the rain!"
Morrigan snorts.
Kanna accepts 790, and gives him a nice shining. (She also gives Ruka a quick apologetic glance, before returning to the business at hand.)
Kanna smiles, demurely. "Oh, how sweet... I'm flattered. Your eyes are quite striking too... like twin phosphor screens glowing in the twilight, serving as beacons to light our way home."
He smiles and seems pleased. "Oh, yes, praise me more!"
Ruka just seems vastly amused.
-- 790 isn't going to get any anytime soon.

Kanna . o O (I am trying to seduce a Talking Metal Head. This was not what I expected to do today.)
-- It's hard at times being the Special Agent of Ember...

Mutsumi says, "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to premature wrinkles."
-- Mutsumi, Jedi Master

Motoko turns to the House Alars members and gives them a somewhat strained smile. "Hello. I'm the Bride of the Dragon. Coffee? Tea?"
They blink. "Umm, Coffee would be nice."
-- Motoko keeps her common touch

"Just why are you and Vash standing in the hallway doing nothing?"
Ramon blushes. "Because the King and Queen are busy on the table on the other side of the door."
Motoko says, quietly, "Oh." Pause. "The table?" Pause. "Isn't that awkward?"
Ramon says, "Well, they did shove all the papers off it first. I got out of the room before seeing what position they were using, but tables aren't too bad IF they're big enough. If your legs have to hang off it..." He pauses, thinking about what he's saying, and then looks like he wants to just die now.
Motoko squeaks, "Shall we both just go and catch fire from embarassment by ourselves now, Father?"
Ramon says faintly, "When I was eight, I caught Mother and Father on the tab..." He punches himself in the head. "Umm, yes. Thanks for calling, Motoko."
-- Most embarassing father/daughter conversation ever

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