Jacqueline says, "okay.... look... if there's a Great Intelligence in here, I just want to go to the universe where I was born in, okay? No Perfect Worlds, no Alternate Realities."
Jacqueline exclaims, "hey! whoa! Why didn't you talk to me before?!?!"
-- Jacqueline gets grumpy with the Great Will of the Universe

Jacqui says, "So, do we have to have sex in the middle of the Pattern or what, Jacqueline?"
Jacqueline stares at Jacqui.
Motoko nods. "I wish I were still drunk, but I'm--" She stares at Jacqui as well.
Jacqui says, "Why are you staring at me so funny?"
Jacqueline says, "you. me. sex in the pattern."
Jacqui says, "That's how you make it work, right? Walk to the center, then have sex with someone?"
-- Sometimes meeting your alternate self gets just too intimate

Motoko puts her hands over her ears. "La," she says, closing her eyes. "La, la, la, la, don't think of Jacqui having sex with Jacqui, la la la la."
-- Motoko using primal instincts to stay sane.

"I CAn Be A gIRl, YoU kNOw."
-- The Logrus, in touch with its feminine side.

Yumi says, "After tomorrow, we will likely be confronting Daffyl. Your assistance with that would be greatly appreciated, I think."
Stars shine in Jacqueline's eyes. "You.... you'd really want my help? Really? I promise not to make anything friendly explode!"
-- Promises, promises....

Kanna watches the Logrus head out.
Beowulf sighs, and looks back and forth between Kanna and Anno. "I'm sorry. I should have warned you about this being the home of the Logrus, Kanna."
Kanna finally says, in a small voice, after several moments. "... my sister challanged the sign of the logrus to a steel cage match. at yig, beowulf."
Anno says, "It would ha..." He pauses. "Bloody hell."
Beowulf blinks. And blinks again. Then BLINKS. "Oh... dear."
Kanna says, "... to put it mildly, i have a feeling this an extremly stupid thing for various and sundry reasons that i will need to find several ways to keep her from going through with it."
Kanna looks to be somewhat in shock.
Anno says, "Well, time for me to go avert the destruction of reality. I'll have servants prepare you a room where the walls are not melted to slag."
-- There are downsides to being related to a Primal Power...

Yumi sighs. "I have never understood why those two clash quite so much, although I suppose part of it is that none of the other Patterns can talk back to the Logrus."
Yumi says, "Either that, or he's secretly in love with her and can't admit it."
Kanna isn't drinking anything, but still, she sparfs.
Kanna coughs, clearing her throat. "ah---ahh--- hack -- that would... good pyricorn... that'd be .... gah."
Yumi says, "They do say that Opposites attract."
Kanna hehs a bit. "Well, that explains sis and Nagisa, yes." She quirks a smile.
-- Yumi and Kanna on the Gabrielle / Logrus grudge.

Jacqueline says, "Motoko, you're stroking that jewel in a way I thought you'd reserve for Davros."
-- You had to see it to understand.

Mitsune turns Moriya into a large blue smurf with a mohawk. "There you go. If they recognize you like this...they're damn good."
Moriya says, "..."
Beowulf just shakes his head. "You know, Mitsune, he can always get you back later..." He grins slightly.
Mitsune says, "Oh, I look forward to seeing how devious I can make him be to get revenge." She smiles that closed-eye smile of hers.
-- Be careful what you wish for, Mitsune.

You wake up feeling really weird, on a soft bed. A tall, blonde woman stands over you, wearing a lab coat over a red blouse and skirt. "Hello, Prince Moriya." Your vision focuses and unfocuses repeatedly. "Tried some sipping logrus, I understand?"
Moriya nods feebly. "Yes. Didn't read the warning label. And my girlfriend was completely drunk to begin with."
She nods. "This explains why you've turned into a woman."
Moriya stares. And then screams. Really loudly.
She holds up a mirror. Your face looks remarkably like your grandmother.
Moriya stares at...her reflection. Then hesitantly pats her chest.
They're about as big as Grandma's. Not that you spend much time looking at hers, but...
-- Moriya-chan's Adventures in Gainaxland.

Mitsune wakes up, clutching her head. "Ugh, I feel like shit."
Moriya beams. "Helloooooooo, Mitsune!"
She grabs Mitsune's hand. "You know, we should have a slumber party sometime. You, me, your sister, Motoko too...just us girls, you know? And you can braid my hair, and I can braid yours...if you grow it out, I guess...and we can gossip all night!"
-- Muhahaha. Revenge for the smurf thing.

Jacqueline says jokingly, "Hey, let's go cheer up Thoric by jumping his bones. It works all three ways" SHe winks.
Mutsumi blinks. "Hmm, good idea." She takes your hand and gets up. "I know he could use some comforting."
Jacqueline looks somewhat astonished, then blushes. "Ahah.. hah... hahh... um... really?"
-- She was just joking, really, but....

There's a knocking at the door. You hear Beowulf, "Is anyone in there?"
Thoric shouts, "Occupied! Busy! Please call back later!"
Jacqueline giggles
He pulls off Jacqueline's black coat as he says this, then fumbles with the tie she's wearing.
Beowulf says, "You sure you're okay in there?"
Jacqueline looks annoyed for a moment, then buries her face in Thoric's shoulder to snifel the snickering.
Thoric says, "Couldn't possibly be better!"
-- Sex With Interruptions, part 1

Out in the hallway, you nowhear Yumi. "Beowulf, why are you talking to a shut door?"
Jacqueline freezes. "Uh oh."
Mutsumi restrains herself from giggling by sitting Thoric up and beginning to kiss his throat and shoulders while running a finger down his spine.
Jacqueline takes this moment to dive under the covers and try to hide her aura.
You page, "shifting aura! shifting aura! must shift aura!" to Akemi
Akemi pages, "To what?" to you.
You page, "um... er..... a plant?" to Akemi.
Akemi pages, "..." to you.
-- Sex With Interruptions, part 2

And then there's footsteps in the hallway.
Actually, it's more like someone skipping down the hallway. It stops in front of the door. "Um...Thoric?" A female voice. "It's Moriya."
Jacqueline says, "powerworddefensiveluckpowerworddefensiveluck."
-- Sex With Interruptions, Part 3

"If you can find me a room that people aren't having sex in where I can lie down, I will gladly tell you the whole story."
-- Motoko, just slightly bitter that she spent the evening nearly becoming BBQ at the hands of corrupted Primal Powers while everyone else apparently had threesomes.

More footsteps from the hallway. And a red-headed woman wearing Moriya's clothing pops in, carrying a tray of muffins. "Good morning! Moriya-chan brought breakfast for everyone!" Bright, cheerful smile.
-- Playing it to the hilt.

Suu looks at Kanna. "Hi, big lady!"
-- The Child Speaks True.

Jacqueline exclaims, "aaah! er.... your room might not be suitable for all audiences! w-wait!"
Motoko says, tightly, "It's nothing Suu-chan hasn't seen before, I'm sure. But if you could just stay here with her while I go and talk to Naru, that would probably be good. Okay, 'Angie'?"
Jacqueline exclaims, "oh come ON, the door was locked! How was I supposed to know she was gonna use the magic gateways in the drawers!"
Motoko twitches.
-- On the consequences of not locking your drawers when having sex.

"It is very strange and hard to think about, especially with him breastfeeding a baby."
-- Asked how he feels about the arrival of Dios into this universe, Anno eloquently responds with the really blindingly obvious.

Corrine takes the trump. "Good morning, daughter," she says. "How are things in Chaos?"
Kanna quirks a smile. "Could be better, could be worse." She pauses for a second. "Mom, do you have a moment up in Ember? I'm in Beowulf's bag in fast-time right now, and there's something -extremely- importaint I think we need to talk about." She takes a deep breath. "Basically, dealing with sis and the Logrus and a Steel Cage Match."
Kanna offers her hand to her mom. "And I'd feel a helluva lot better talking face to face about it."
Kanna says, "Here in the bag, that is."
Corrine says, "Oh yes, I already talked to Gabrielle about that. She brought me tickets."
Kanna says, "..."
Kanna says, "Urm."
Kanna uses her free hand to facepalm.
Corrine says, "Perhaps they'll finally get over this silly rivalry once they do this. A good wrestling match always did me a world of good."
-- Moms Know. Especially when they're Queens.

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