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Lian hms and pulls the spraycan out. "Mom gave me this ... " She tries it out on one of the patches.
The fungus withers up and dies.
Lian says, "Well, it works ..."
Touga asks, "What is that?"
Lian says, "Something that kills the fungus."
Touga says, "But where did it come from?"
Lian says, "Mom gave it to me. I have no idea where she got it from." She looks at the spraycan again for any clues.
There's a little label that says, "Wasyuu Laboratories. Defying the Laws of Nature for over 20,000 years."
Lian says, "Looks like mom made it."
Touga says, "Hmm. If we deployed really huge floating spraycans..." He pauses. "I can't believe I said that."
-- The power of SCIENCE!!! at work.

A mirror appears. You see Jacqui the priestess (just an Acolyte really, given her age) trying to perform some rite, with the help of several other people. One of the candles falls over onto a red-robed monk...hey, is that Davros on fire? He runs screaming out of the room as everyone panics.
Jacqueline stares at the mirror
Jacqueline asks, "er..... ah..... aiyaaaah. Do you think that was.....?"
The whole temple goes up, and everyone runs in all directions. The image fades.
Motoko-kun pauses as he's about to start praying and stares at that. "That can't be..."
-- When Jacqui met Davros

Mutsumi says, "Loewen is just a big huggable mummy like Seta gave Mitsune for Yule one year."
-- This really doesn't need commentary.

Motoko asks, "About thirty years ago, did you get lit on fire in a Church of the Serpent by a clumsy acolyte?"
He shudders. "What a total disaster THAT was. Yes, I stopped at a church on my way home and nearly burned to death."
He says, "Some stupid little acolyte knocked over the candles and set my robes on fire and burned the church too." His voice sounds pretty bitter.
Motoko says, "I see." Pause. "Well..."
He says, "I can only hope they threw her out."
Motoko says, "Err. Well."
He blinks. "How did you hear about it?"
Motoko says, "It was in Jacqui's mindscape. She was the acolyte."
His eyes widen. "That would explain why I smell smoke whenever she comes near me." He shudders. "What was she doing being a priest of the Serpent?"
-- More reasons Davros will fear Jacqueline

{Kanna asks,} "... mom?"
Corrine says, "Yes, Kanna?"
Kanna asks, "... do you... do you ever regret building sis?"
Corrine says, "No more than I sometimes regret almost everything I've done. I don't think I've ever done anything important I didn't regret sometimes. But I love Gabrielle, even when I want to kill her. Like right now."
Kanna barks a short laugh at that, the corners of her lips quirking upwards. "Well, I suppose we could hunt sis down, and give her the ritual spanking. I'll even hold her down...."
Corrine says, "That time may well come."
-- Words of Wisdom from the Queen of Ember.

Kanna asks, "... how -you- holding up, mom?"
Corrine says, "I'm fine. I'll probably be depressed and stressed in the morning, but right now, I'm so happy the Universe didn't get destroyed, that nothing else can touch me."
She says, "Gabrielle didn't do anything dangerous at all. Stupid, yes. But dangerous to the universe, no."
Kanna hehs softly at that. "Right. I will keep that in mind, and not ask you for a raise in allowance in the morning."
Corrine laughs. "Probably wise."
-- Mental buffers (and jacuzzis) are wonderful things.

Corrine says softly, "I know. Love is to be found in the strangest places."
Kanna blushes at that. "... yeah. definitely. springing up when you least suspect it..." She considers things for a moment... considers the place they're in, and who she's with, and figures there's a special dispensation for talking to your mother about things like this.
Kanna says, quietly, "... I'm in Love with Ruka... been so for a while, now... 'n..." She worries at her lower lip. "... I'm in Love with Lian, too." She looks up at her mother, not sure how she's going to take this.
Yes, Kanna's taller than her mother. She's still looking up at her. deal.
-- Who knew?

Corrine's eyes widen. "Oh my."
Corrine says, "That, umm...Do they both know?" she asks weakly.
Kanna ehehs, a little bit. "Lian knows. We've talked about it, but done nothing about it. At ALL."
Kanna says, "Ruka..." She looks down, and ashamed. "... no, not yet.... that's part of the reason for the vacation, so we can discuss this as hopefully rational adults."
Kanna says, "If he's not comfortable with it, we won't take things any further than they are right now, as I don't want to hurt him."
Corrine says softly, "Good. I...ahahah. Ahahahaha." She has the look of someone about to just go to total boggle mode, but then she gets a grip. "Good. I'm glad to see you're thinking rationally about all this."
-- Queen Corrine's taking this remarkably well...

Kanna hrms? "Mom? You're not making sense here."
Corrine blushes. "I'll just say that I've been in some strange situations myself."
Kanna blinks at that, ahhhhs, nods, and squeezes her mom's hand.
Kanna says, "You don't have to talk about it if y' don't want to, mom."
Kanna says, "You've always respected my privacy... and I've done the same." She smiles slightly.
Kanna says, "Like I said earlier today... you're the best mom and queen a daughter could ever have."
She smiles. "Thank you, daughter. And you're a wonderful daughter. Please don't ever wrestle the Logrus."
Kanna chuckles, and hugs her mom. "Mom? If I ever get such an idea in my head, I fully expect dad to grab me bodily and spank me until I can't sit down for a month. And as much as I may be able to take pain... there -are- limits." She winks.
Corrine laughs. "Don't worry, I will." She shakes her head. "But I know you won't do that."
-- Mother/Daughter bonding among the Ladies of Harad.

Mini-Wakaba puts Kozue in a sleeper hold.
Jacqueline blinks "dwah?"
He says, "Nothing too important." He looks up and leaves the action figures to wrestle on their own. Things aen't going too good for Kozue.
Jacqueline asks, "wha... er..... what's that?"
Fuyutsuki says, "Hmm, just some of my AWF action figures."
-- Amber Death Match!

Fuyutsuki flips a switch on the back, and Mini-Jacqui poses. "No one can beat Lady Jacq!" she squeakily proclaims.
Then Mini-Kozue charges her from behind and kicks her in the butt, sending her flying off the table.
Jacqueline stares
Jacqueline says, "well..... if anything, they're accurate."
-- Some things are a constant in the universe

Yumi says, "Ramon also would have lasted longer. As this man is a professional, but Ramon has a lot of raw potential. But he never could have pulled off this move." The image of Moonshade howls with ecstasy. "Either that, or he would have gotten stuck."
-- Dutchess Yumi, analyzing nookie.

Jacqueline blinks. "Are you okay, uncle ramon? You seem..... twitchy."
Ramon says faintly, "The Logrus seems to have decided it has to prove it's better in bed than I am."
Jacqueline says, "...."
Jacqueline asks, "er..... um... what.... what did it do?"
Jacqueline says, "it didn't..... not aunt Keiko....."
"It sort of challenged me to...a...umm..aahahahahaha." He begins to pour down sweat. "With 50 trillion people watching."
Jacqueline facepalms
-- Re-defining performance pressure

{Motoko} takes a deep breath. "I know that in hindsight she was expecting something different when I healed her arm, particularly because of the male form I was in that time, and I do look quite a bit like Father in that body, and while I was hoping she'd find someone to distract her affections from Father, I must say I was not quite expecting it to be like this, although of course... am I babbling?"
Jacqueline says, "yes, but that's okay. you usually do when you're flustered sexually."
-- She does, too.

"Yes, after the High Summer Rites, I should be able to have as much sex as I want, whenever I want." There is the impression that heads may roll if this is not actually the case.
-- Motoko Needs Nookie.

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