The Rampaging Tiger Kiss

The Rampaging Tiger Kiss is one of many romantic and erotic techniques taught by Lady Yumi to Princess Jacqueline, to her daughters Lily? and Mitsune, and possibly to presently unknown other people. It is one of many tiger-themed techniques which form part of this body of lore; another one is 'Fainting Tiger', in which you pretend to faint in someone's bed in order to stay the night there.

Princess Jacqueline seems rather enthusiastic in its use of late.

The technique depends partially on dexterity, partially on psyche, and partially on manipulation of certain pressure points along the hand and neck. The first step involves taking the intended target's hand, holding it in such a manner that certain relaxation pressure points are struck. Once relaxation is achieved, the practicioner is supposed to move his/her other arm around the target, other hand reaching for particular pressure points on the neck, applying only slight pressure. And at that moment the practicioner literally pounces on his/her target with a very agressive liplock, tongue optional but helpful. Thus far, all who have been struck by this technique have been left dazed and mightily impressed.