Strong Guy

Ramon is the son of Nanami and Tsuwabuki. Through the miracle of genetics, two short blond-haired people produced a big dark-haired man. Ramon has a reputation for being one of the strongest members of the family and a superb unarmed fighter.

During the Annadil Crisis his major role was as a sort of sidekick to Shaft, who was his best friend for the forty years following the crisis. Ramon was devastated by Shaft's death, and delivered a very sincere if not particularly eloquent speech in his friend's memory at Marches.

While working with Shaft during the Crisis, Ramon began a relationship with Keiko, and married her soon after. They have one daughter, Motoko.

Ramon currently serves as King Tylor's bodyguard.

Moonshade seems to have a bit of a crush on him, to which he is oblivious. Said crush led her to brag that he was better in bed than he was better in bed than the Logrus during the cage match between the Logrus and Gabrielle, provoking the Logrus to challenge him to some sort of sexual contest. Ramon did not accept the challenge, but nonetheless seems somewhat nervous about possible future encounters with the Logrus.

He recently had another daughter by Keiko, Nanami Minor.

Current Wife

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