The City Under The Sea

Once, Rebma was the beautiful underground reflection of Amber. Then for reasons which remain unclear, forty years ago, Rebma was replaced by a mile across whirlpool some ten miles off the shore. It was surrounded for miles by shadow storms which ebb and surge irregularly. Sometimes the gulf of Amber was completely blocked off by them, sometimes not. The Lighthouse of Cabra provided guidance for ships through the storms, enabling trade to continue, although this made Amber's trading quite a bit more dangerous and prompted the creation of the Amber Air Fleet.

At the same time as it sank, all the Water Flawed and Broken Patterns of Shadow evaporated, creating a cosmic imbalance and annhilating much of the Coral Circle trading shadows of Rebma. The Coral Forest Nedra which guarded the approaches to Rebma was torn apart by the continual shadow storms.

Prince Derith and most of the royal family of Rebma were lost in the Whirlpool, along with the Demi-Jewel of Water. But not all Rebmans were within Rebma when it sank. Many of the surviving traders have blended into the surrounding nations, and a large group has gone to live in Atlantis. Most Rebmans blame Annadil, and a few blame Derith, believing he must have botched some experiment. But a small group of Rebmans, naming themselves 'Bloc Rebmaquois' blame Amber. They want to see the earth open up and swallow Amber. They want to see Castle Amber fall into the sea. They are convinced that this is an effort by Amber to further oppress the Rebmans, and they're not going to take it any more. Sabotaging ships, blowing up buildings, trying to sabotage the Heat Diffusion Tower, stockpiling gunpowder that failed to explode under the Town Hall of Amber City (The so called 'Gal Fawkes' disaster), and taking random potshots at Princes of the Blood from clock towers are their stock in trade.

Now, only a month ago, Rebma resurfaced and the storms vanished. Initial investigations showed only ruins to remain. But Bloc Rebmaquois rapidly seized the city, and their leader, Dolphin, has crowned herself Queen Ynell I of Rebma.

Prince Lucien appeared in Amber the same day Rebma returned, and has proclaimed himself son of Derith and Moira, Crown Princess of Rebma (and eldest daughter of now deceased Queen Moire). He has staked a claim to the throne, but doesn't appear to have done anything yet to enforce that claim.

Other notable surviving Rebmans include: