The Red Book of Malin

The Great Holy Text of the Stylite Order

Mitsune says, "The Red Book is the great holy text of the Red Stylites." For a moment, her voice takes on a lecturing tone. "As dictated by the great Stylite Malin, who sat on a pillar for three hundred years and recieved the wisdom of the Serpent." Her voice returns to normal. "And a flat butt. A VERY flat butt."

--Mitsune tells Motoko about the origins of the Red Book of Malin.

Miscellaneous Excerpts from the Red Book

Phoenix Flies on Wings of Dream
Wolf Delves through Caverns Deep
Hanged Man Climbs the World Tree's Branches
Elemental Songs Open a Door
Ferryman Demands a toll
Double-edged Blade Slices Open and Seals Shut
Death Calls to Death
And Life to Life

Five Claws reach out to Rend the World
Five Armies march to do Her Will
Five Wheels spin at her command
Five Icons command the elements
Five Children slay her foes

Beware the opening
Of the Elder Elemental Eye
In the Shrine of Fallen Elements
For when it gazes upon the world
The way will will be opened

Selected Prophecies of the Bride of the Dragon

Nine Shall Come to Open the Ways
Nine Fools risk all for power
Then shall the Dragon take a Bride

Her left hand holds tight
Her right hand sets free
The endless tightrope she walks

How shall she be known?
She will ride the Serpent to battle
They will smite He-Who-Is-All-Places-And-Times
They will slam the door in his face
And burn the keys to ashes
That is the first sign

She is not alone
The arms of the balance support her
As she walks the tightrope
The Seekers of Wisdom
The Pillars of Wisdom
The Sword and the Soul
The Green and the Red
The Left and the Right
Child of Order and Child of Chaos
Together they are strong
Alone they will fall.

Passion is at the heart of Chaos
Passion seeks to master Chaos
It puts the Bride to the test
It strains the bonds between the three
Friend against friend
Lover against lover
Both ends against the middle
For Passion can be a chain
But who is it who locks these bonds?
And for what purpose?

It is an ill wind which blows no good
And this wind blows ill
It blows the Phoenix from the sky
It dulls the Wolf's claws
It batters aside the Sword's strokes
The screams of the damned
The souls of the fallen
A treason unsuspected
For the Wind's Master
Is himself mastered
By the turning of the wheel

Castle of the Night
Lair of the Lion
Womb of Wheels
What secrets lie within?
Sword must slice the locks
Claw must slice the barriers
Wings must pass the chasms
To find what hides within
And ensure it escapes not
Before it is too late

Beware the Shark who serves the Dolphin,
for the Sword of the Void serves as his fangs
for the night is his cloak
for the Sea King commands him to slay
and slay he will
The Bride
The Seekers
And many more
Until Nine Sacrifices
Open the way

Davros Explains Passages from the Book

Davros says, "Malin identified many important figures who would be blessed by the Serpent, or as Malin preferred to see him, by the Dragon."

Davros continues, "It can sometimes be hard to tell when Malin meant something as actual prophecy, and when he was telling a parable."

Davros says, "The Bride of the Dragon, for example, is often seen as a model of the journey to enlightenment."

He continues, "The Bride is significant because she can bridge the gap between Order and Chaos, to see beyond that division by the end of her journey. Though Malin is never clear on exactly how this works."

He holds out two hands. One is a fist, the other is open with fingers widely spread.

Motoko looks thoughtful.

"With one hand, she holds things tightly. Order. With the other, she reaches out in all directions."

"The power of Chaos."

"The Bride is to be known by her battle against the Key and the Gate, when she will ride the Serpent into battle."

He says, "The Bride of the Serpent is accompanied by the Seekers of Wisdom."

Motoko nods. "The red and the green, the soul and the sword... I think that's you and Cousin Moriya."

He nods. "There are many deeds they are supposed to do together as their destinies intertwine. But the passages referrring to them are horribly obscure. I believe one of them refers to Demogorgon, though, having had time to reflect on it. Although there may be other 'two headed beasts from the Abyss'"

"This finally leads to her facing some sort of threat from her past, and thus finally resolving some burden which she has borne. After which, she is free to make her own destiny, though the Serpent will always shine upon her."