Former Priestess of Frostspire

Lady Rimururu of Frostspire. Former priestess of Frostspire, bearer of ice powers, wife of Prince Hisame Shizumaru, mother of Prince Moriya.

Rimururu is, for the most part, a cheerful, energetic woman, quite fond of her husband and son. She doesn't seem completely used to the idea that she is royalty by marriage, having come from a relative backwater shadow, at least until Frostspire gained Golden Circle status largely because of her. She aids her husband in overseeing the Keep of the Five Worlds; after all, her ice powers are a part of the element of water.

Recently, due to the mishap that flung Shizumaru into another universe and fried Kafuin, she herself was catapulted into a hostile place--Cyberpope Malraux's home shadow, Avignon, which housed Ebenscrux. She was held captive here, probably meant as bait for the Amberites. Indeed, Moriya's attempt to rescue her by trump almost led to his capture as well, given that he happened to call on an Evil Replacement Nanami and a mind-controlled Davros the Stylite for assistance. Fortunately, he managed to pull off a minor miracle and she was saved. Rimururu later took part in the assault to destroy Ebenscrux.

She is trying to put up a brave front in the face of her husband's imprisonment in Chaos, but those who know her that she is going through a very difficult time. This is especially true because she does not have the longetivity of the royal Amberites; fifty years is an eyeblink for them, but not so for her. Moriya is now starting to seek a way to enhance her lifespan somehow.