The Kiss from a Rose

Moriya smiles, then continues, "Imagine the bloom of a rose...." He trails off, and traces along Motoko's earlobe with his lips, blowing so very lightly as he moves, then stopping at the base of her ear with a light kiss. "Brushing against your skin," he now murmurs, then goes along the line of her jaw with a featherlight touch, detouring to press a kiss against her cheek. "Ever so slowly...." Next he draws a line down to her chin, and pauses. "Just--" He kisses the near corner of her mouth. "Like--" A kiss on the opposite corner. "This." The last word is whispered a fraction of a second before before Moriya presses his lips fully against hers, once faintly, twice faintly, and finally a third time, softly to begin with, then with a gentle, increasing pressure.

One of the kissing techniques in That Book by Juri, or The Book, or...well, the nookie book written by Juri of Avalon, passed along to Queen Corrine of Ember, Prince Shizumaru and Lady Rimururu, Prince Ota, and Duchess Yumi. As seen by the above description, it entails very slow, deliberate movement. Narrating as it goes along can in fact add to its impact. It is meant to be extremely sensual, dragging out the moment, stretching taut the nerves of the subject, until finally, the actual kiss on the lips is reached. The name is derived both from the effect that was described above, the lips imitating the sensation of a rose's petals being brushed against one's face, as well as in honor of Juri's home Avalon, The Rose of the Worlds. (And Andrew Huang did have the Seal song in mind when he created this, yes.)

Moriya did it to Motoko in order to test if they would really be able to do something like this with each other, as she had advanced the proposal that they partake in a version of the Chaosian High Summer rites that involve four people, including a switching of partners.

He's also done it to Mitsune, as well. She sort of melted under the effects of this, which indicates just how good it is.