Playboy Prince of Amber

Like your brother
you have yet to learn
that violence
is not the final answer
If you do not turn back
you will face his fate
and share it
-- From the Prophecies of the Serpent

Trapped by his duties, Prince Saionji has been unable to take so serious a role in the current crises as he would like. He was able to assist Morgan in recovering the Patternblade Merehallow. However his attempt to successfully prosecute naval operations to assist Ashante against raiders who may have gunpowder weapons from a shadow called 'Galicia' met with bitter failure as he was kidnapped by Soujiro of the Serpent's Horn terrorist group, leaving Admiral Yamamoto with an unprepared fleet which got crushed. He was later rescued, and is currently recovering in Chaos.

Prince Saionji continues to employ the rather straight forward methods for which he is well famed.


Current Children