Ota 'Shaft' Tenjou

Dead Action Hero

In a world of intrigue, lies, and secrets, Shaft was a brother from another planet. Simple and straightforward, he beat up his enemies and helped out his friends, and unless you were blind, deaf, and stupid, you knew which category you were in.

For many years, he was also the lovemachine of Amber, arousing the irritation of his uncle Saionji after he made off with a woman Saionji was after. Eventually, he gave it all up for one woman, Head Chambermaid Kasumi, after he got her pregnant. As far as anyone knows, he kept his marital vows, although the phrase 'Kasumi, leggo of my ear, owwww!!!!' is one that every member of the current generation has heard. A man can't be blamed for looking, can he?

Son of Utena, Shaft was pretty close to his mother, who trained him to be a badass. Sadly, the etiquette training from her and her sister Wakaba didn't sink in. He and Ramon were best friends.

Having gotten bored one day, Shaft drew his own Pattern with a Flawed Fire Jewel, the world known informally as ShAmber?. This marked him with its pattern and made him even more the eternal 70s action hero than before. It also led to his doom, when creatures formed from his daughter's blood erased his Pattern, killing him.

Before that happened, though, Shaft served as Marshal of Amber for thirty years, scoring many victories.

Shaft was the Child of Metal, although he took the title somewhat less seriously than he would the ramblings of a drug addict in withdrawal. He bore Justice, his Icon, and a giant crossbow, Whalekiller.

His Widow

His Descendents