Land of the Funk, Home of the Brave

Once, ShAmber was the Kingdom of Funk, home to a flawed Fire Pattern, locked forever in the seventies. Created by Ota 'Shaft' Tenjou because, quote, "I was bored", ShAmber's birth set off a reality storm and helped to upset the delicate balance between patterns.

But that's another story.

ShAmber was a world eternally in the 70's funk badass mofo mindset, where afros and bellbottoms were still just fine, baby. In The City, there were lots of jive talking brothers and sisters, and plenty of love all around. Not a lot of brothers in this world, but the ones that were there are all badass mofos sporting names like 'Super-fly', 'Action Jackson', and 'Dolemite'. All the sisters were super-fine, knock-down gorgeous and with plenty of heart and soul.

Outside of the city was The Beach, where lots of vacation homes happened to be. Every now and then pink bunny clouds appeared over the horizon. It was a prime spot for windsurfing, ogling at the ladies getting on the supertan and having a thrilling motorboat chase set to bwow-chika-bwow-wow music. The Beach was 20 minutes away from The City, connected by a stretch of suburban fields.

Now it has come apart, since the destruction of said fire pattern on the day of doom. The shadow itself became a post apocalyptic wasteland of deserts, polluted oceans, and ruined cities, squabbled over by tribes who used pieced together, badly understood technology to war over what resources are left.

But, thanks to the efforts of the daughter of the Chosen one of Funk (namely, Jacqueline), the Kingdom of Funk has been reborn and the Leather Knight ressurected. What effect her redrawing of ShAmber's Flawed Fire Pattern has had on the essential nature of the Land of the Funky has yet to be investigated.