Shinobu Major

Commander of the Amber Cavalry Corps, Acting Warden of Arden

Shinobu has short black hair cut in her mother's style and a rather bulkier figure, inherited from her father's side. She got picked on a lot because she was an ugly little kid, so she got tough fast and learned how to fight very well. She has a legendary temper, during which she seems to get impressive bursts of strength. She has an uneasy relationship with her mother, who is sometimes affectionate and sometimes distant and usually manipulative. She was raised by her father in Sethfor as a result; he is an easygoing man, tall, dark haired and bulky. Most observers remain confused as to why Kozue had a fling with him in the first place.

During the Annadil Crisis, Shinobu ran wild over the Therins, crushing them. She then commanded the expeditionary force which crushed Lipun, and directed its reconstruction. She married a minor Lipunese nobleman, Inaba, a friendly, but not always very competent sorceror, noted for his odd magical rabbit suit. She now spends most of her time in Harad, breeding horses and training cavalrymen. She's known to be somewhat disappointed in her daughter, Naru, who has abandoned a promising career in the cavalry to pursue trying to get into Panopticon University under the influence of the Royal Tutor, Seta Noriyasu. She challenged Seta to a rose duel, but he set the weapon as unarmed combat and pounded her into the ground. She's known to really, really hate him.

Shinobu has great respect for Morgan, Moriya, and Motoko because of their weapon skills (even if Motoko is as much or more a sorceress). She's known to have taught Keitaro how to ride a horse, and has a respect for Thoric which baffled most people, given his cowardice, but seems to have been borne out by recent events. The rest of the current generation largely seems to just drop below her radar. She and Princes Ota and Ramon are known to get along pretty well.

Shinobu rarely comes to court, and is usually either off at a war, or off training her men. Rumor has it she's quite irritated at not being appointed Marshal when the job came open after Shaft's death.

Shinobu is currently acting as Warden of Arden until a more permanent appointment can be made. She assisted in the destruction of the Red Death in Arden and in the war on the Serpent's Horn.


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