Shinobu Minor

Aka Gabrielle the Blue

Daughter of Gabrielle and Nagisa

Shinobu Minor first appeared in UnS as a sweet, innocent, and shy young girl, apparently 13 years old, who was rather domestic as Princesses of Amber go. She was known to be Nagisa's daughter, but her mother was unknown. Her most memorable talent was a knack for cooking sorcery.

Shinobu Minor was then flung into Chaos where she landed in House Aesir's lands, and lived out 40 years in about 2 days. When found by Jacqui, she had become a blue-haired Valkyrie (or as Motoko put it 'a warrior hussy'), calling herself Gabrielle the Blue.

Shinobu Minor retains her good nature and kindness, but is now a lot bolder, boisterous, and outgoing. She's also about a foot taller, and physically huge, with the powerful physical build typical of Harad women. She's been revealed to be the daughter of Princess Gabrielle of Ember, born in an artifical womb.

Since this return, Shinobu has helped Jacqui rescue Anthy from House Alars (which didn't go so well), tried to help rescue the Tenjous (which didn't go so well), aided Jacqui again in the mission to Mystara (which went badly) and most recently with Jacqueline again in a mission to Akasha to stop the death machine Mageddon and two Taylors (which had its moments, good and bad). There are rumors of a falling out between her and Jacqueline after that adventure, as for the first time in a while they've gone their seperate ways and haven't spoken a word to each other since. Despite this, she retains her good spirits.

Shinobu has been romantically linked with Keitaro these days.