The Child of Wood

Prince Hisame Shizumaru, son of Prince Touga and Lady Atsuko. Child of Wood, Master of the Keep of the Five Worlds, Amber's Ambassador to Lipun. Husband of Lady Rimururu, father of Prince Moriya.

Shizumaru is among the more brilliant weaponsmasters of his generation, giving Shaft quite a good run for his money in fights when armed, and usually beating him unarmed. Unlike his cousin, though, he is a quieter, more reserved, more thoughtful sort.

He became Master of the Keep forty years back, as the result of one of the battles during the Annadil Crisis. With that came knowledge of the lore of the elements, and ownership of Kafuin, the elemental construct.

In recent developments, Shizumaru was snatched into another universe by a random activation of the Gloom Device, one of the side effects being that Kafuin was knocked for a loop, and Rimururu was also flung to a random Shadow. He returned here through the Cave of Worlds and participated in the assault on Ebenscrux.

However, when he returned to Chaos to rest afterward, House Hendrake was waiting for him and arrested him for another incident forty years ago, where ten knights of Hendrake perished at his hand, because a demoness held captive by them cast a glamor on him to make him think she was his mother, held captive by slavers. Fortunately, with all the evidence gathered, he was found guilty only of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to fifty years imprisonment in the Black Tower. Moriya is thinking of finding a way to reduce the sentence.

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