Spellvis, Shadow Sorceror and King of Magical Rock and Roll

Spellvis is an example of how Panopticon University can turn weirdoes from shadow into powerful weirdoes from shadow. He attended Panopticon at the same time as Kuonji Ukyou (or is it Inji?) and Prince Beowulf, where he learned the arts of sorcery and much lore of shadow to complement his mastery of rock and roll gained in his home shadow, Graceland.

Spellvis was first noticed during a quest by Kanna and Kuonji Ukyou to find the stolen key to the 'Gate of Referendum'. They saved him from falling to his death in an endless pit trap, and he assisted them in recovering the key. Along the way, they got hold of another key, which turned out to be one of the keys in the Spikard Hunt for the Hoard of the Dragon. Spellvis returned to his home in Graceland with that key.

He later met with Prince Beowulf at his home in Graceland and offered to trade the key he had to Beowulf for something useful in augmenting his magics, as he believed that Kuonji Ukyou was actually Kuonji Inji, and that he was in over his head in this spikard quest.

The trade has finally been made between Bewoulf and Spellvis, and the 'King of Magical Rock And Roll' is now ready to wash his hands of the entire affair. Hopefully he'll avoid being a target, now that he does not have the Third Key to Hoard Of The Dragon.

Hired by Kanna, Spellvis appeared at the Day of the Dead, where he helped to defend Shamber, and then to defeat Wu-Gil-Galad at the Second Battle of the Keep of the Five Worlds.