There are a number of spikards of note that have appeared so far in Unicorn no Seishi, the focus of several quests and prophesies. While their true number is unknown, as well as the total range of functions they allow a sorceror to access, several groupings of spikards have come to light.

Unicorn Spikards

It is unknown how many Unicorn Spikards there are, or who made them. The known Unicorn Spikards are:

Dragon Spikards

There are seven Dragon Spikards, possibly created by Anno, Keeper of the Logrus:

Lion Spikards

Created by some hostile force (Suspected to either be Annadil on his own, or under the influence of the Outsiders), these rings of power put one at risk of the control of the wielder of the Master Spikard which is linked to the nine Lion Spikards. Annadil used these spikards to control the minds of his pawns across Shadow during the Crisis -- their current wielders are unknown, as is the final location of the Master Spikard, though most suspect beyond the Gate of Revolution. Wear them at your peril...




Lion Spikards, Mark II

Recent events have made it clear that someone (or several someones) is attempting to craft new Lion spikards, possibly working from Annadil's old notes. The one example so far is believed to be a product of forces within House Tremere; Jacqueline reports that she stopped a group of cultists in Begma in another attempt to create a Lion Spikard (unfortunately, none survived for questioning).


Miscellaneous Spikards

There are quite possibly other spikards out there, but who made them or where they are is unknown. At the moment, the following have come to light: