Stagger Lee

The Legendary Badass

o/~ It was back in '52 when times were hard o/~

o/~ He had a Colt .45 and a deck of cards... o/~

Stagger Lee, the Legendary Badass. He of the demonic Ford pickup, Elder Sign Colt .45, and razor-sharp deck of cards. He may be the guardian of the Gate of Revolution, summoned by Nanami and Makoto to defend it at the Second Day of Darkness. He may be a bounty hunter from Chaos (he certainly tried to kill Morgan) who hoped to win the hand of Lady Talia of House Alars. He may just be a psychotic with unnatural lusts and an old Stetson hat.

Whoever he is, he's one bad m'therf'cker. Named Stagger Lee.

Stagger Lee.