A Bloody Pain

Until you lose everything, you can't really be free.

   - from the diary of Taylor D'Arden, found by Nausicaa.

The elusive Taylor was a white-haired, younger version of Amber's own King Tylor. Currently the leading suspect in the murder of Ota 'Shaft' Tenjou, and implicated in the demise of Derith and Queen Moire as well. He's claimed being the Heir to the Lion, child of Annadil, and has been sighted in a dozen different locations across shadow, from Amber Castle to the Courts of Chaos. He has walked the logrus, weilds outsider magic, and has ties to the Outsider menace.

That, and he plays bagpipes.

It was recently revealed by the Unicorn that Taylor is dead, yet his plans go on as he had created a horde of blood creatures and scatttered them across Reality to carry out his plans.

Notable times when 'Taylor' or his blood-creature duplicates have observedly or reportedly died, in one fashion or another:

One of these Taylors, a blood creature, was seen in the company of the The Knights Of The Dinner Table while in CAFAM. He had managed to recruit them in order to transport and guard a shipment of weedkiller to hopefully down Yig. At least two groups of the KoDT were killed by his assistant Taylor's Zero Option spell after Kanna knocked them unconcious. His brain was then eaten by Nanami to gain more information on the 'Taylor Supreme's plans before he was killed.

It has also been discovered that [Anna Unruh]?, Travis' assistant in the Library, was replaced by a blood creature that is the mix of Anna and Taylor's blood, from over a year ago. The true Anna's fate remains unknown; Travis and Yumi are going to investigate (one of these days).

Yog-Y'bootymac, the famous Chaosian mental case, also seems to have been a Taylor blood creature. He (or at least, one of him) either self-destructed or escaped after Motoko battered him unconscious in House Gainax during his failed attempt to steal Davros's spikard and take Miki's head. He did leave behind a fine yellow spray that, when returned to its true form, became Taylor blood. However, there was another Yog-Y'bootymac running around -- who appeared to be in the employ of House Tremere, using Mature and Vice to capture members of the Amber Royal Family, and attempting to steal Merehallow. He is now VERY dead, courtesy of the Jewel of Judgement frying him to a crisp.

Also, a group of Taylors were sent long ago to infiltrate the Akashan League's businesses and government, in order to sow chaos, raise capital, and to find the war machine Mageddon. However, the entire group of them, including Jay and Silent Bob, had been co-opted by Gaav, a Logrus Master from House Tremere. They have since been purged from the League, removing the threat to the Holy Tree of Akasha.

Some of the noteable people that Taylor had replaced/created in order to infiltrate Amber and Chaos: