Incredibly Cheap Oracle Of Knowledge

The Shake Me Jewel of Judgement, otherwise known as the 'JO-shakeme' is a magical item obtained for a few small bits of tre-stone at the Glantri Magic Shoppe in Dworkinland by Jacqueline Tenjou.

It is, basically, a large item resembling the Jewel of Judgement, with a small glass window to one side filled with dark ink and a small multi-faced object inside. On each side is printed words, such as 'definitely yes', 'certainly not', 'answer unclear', and so forth and so on. Analysis of the object has shown it is in fact powered by some sort of magic, and can provide answers with an astonishing degree of accuracy.

At first in the posession of Jacqueline Tenjou, it seemed to indicate Lord Lowen of Chaos's innocence in the murder of her father, Ota Tenjou, which was later further reinforced when Lord Lowen swore upon the Serpent to Motoko, Bride of the Serpent, that he had no part in Ota's murder. It currently is in posession of Prince Moriya of Amber, given as a gift from Jacqueline, and is currently being used to, among other things, seek out the Outsider cultists among the houses of Chaos and the lesser mysteries of Nookie.