Former Coward of the County, now King of Arcadia and Cabana Boy to Jacqui and Mutsumi

Thoric, the son of Michelle by (presumably) one of her harem boys, is perhaps the biggest coward in the universe, or at least in Amber's family. Why he has as potent a sword as Frostrazor is unknown, since he hates hand-to-hand fighting and strenuously avoids it.

Despite this lack of courage in battle (which greatly embarasses his grandfather, Saionji, and often causes other members of the family to look down on him), he has many admirable qualities. He is a kind and generous man, pleasant company socially, and an excellent diplomat. He is also a skilled sorcerer and musician.

Thoric had helped Morgan to recover the Air Patternblade, and accompanied Moriya to Endor to search for the Wood Patternblade. He was the one who suggested gathering the Ewoks to fight the Kanawa Corporation, an idea which earned him rare praise from other members of the family, something which he seemed to relish.

Later, when the Serpent's Horn kidnapped his mother Michelle, grandfather Saionji, and Davros, he was part of the team that infiltrated the Serpent Horn's stronghold and set them free. And after that, he played a major role in stopping the Horn's top killer, Kenshin, by grappling with him as he was distracted, snapping his back in two. After showing his valor in the Serpent's Horn affair, he suddenly finds himself with a LOT of accolade and praise. Current rumor circulating among the family is that he is dating Jacqueline, or Mutsumi, or both.

This rumor has been confirmed, as he's been seen being quite affectionate with both. In fact, Jacqueline has borne a child by him (apparently in a fast time shadow) named Random. This got him beaten up by Keiko and Ramon.

Thoric helped take down Tharkold recently, slaying the Black King in cooperation with Kanna.

He also helped defend Jacqui's new Primal during and after its drawing on the Day of the Dead.