Special Agent of Amber

Middle child
of the eldest triad
Heart, Mind, Body
trusting not in luck,
nor in strength which fades
you invest your all
in the mind which knows
the eyes which see
the mouth which speaks
you are your father's son
-- From the Prophecies of the Serpent

For the last forty years, Touga has been running about Shadow on various missions for King Tylor; the precise nature of these missions remains unknown. Those who have known him longest say that while his mind seems keen as ever, he is not nearly as physically tough as he used to be; perhaps something happened to him during his long exile. Or perhaps he's just bluffing to lure his enemies into a false sense of security.

Touga did surface long enough to assist in the rescue mission to recover the Tenjous from the Gaunt Man, but has since disappeared again. He's rumored to have gone to Cathuria with Kanna recently.

Touga was one of many who fell into the Void during the Tharkold attack, and was nearly killed by some sort of mad assassin, currently in chains in Castle Amber.

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