The Turtle

Great A'Tuin

Formerly of Discworld, now of Arcadia

The Turtle is a kind and noble animal! - Mutsumi

Great A'Tuin was once merely a shadow Animal God, carrying upon his back four elephants, who in turn carried a giant disc which held the Discworld. One day, Jacqueline of Amber and company came to him with an offer.

Now he is A'Tuin, Turtle of Order, the Unicorn's equal in a universe of Jacqueline's making. He is assisted by the elemental turtles Tama-Chan the Air Turtle, Gamera the Fire Turtle, Mecha-Tama the Metal Turtle, the MoriTurtle? of Wood, and Andy (the Water Turtle).

He's also much quicker on his feet these days, taking minutes instead of months to have a reasonable conversation.