King Tylor I of Amber

Easy-Go-Lucky King

Eldest child of the eldest triad
Heart, Mind, Body
Not the smartest
Nor the strongest
But the luckiest
And the happiest
-- From the Prophecies of the Serpent

Tylor rules the Eternal City with a light touch in vast contrast to his father, King Gendo, who was the ultimate micro-manager. Tylor tends to ask people to do things, then sit back and let them take care of it. Perhaps it is simply the vast power at the command of any member of the Royal Family which enables him to get away with this, or perhaps he is simply lucky.

His role as king prohibits him taking the role in adventures he once did; it's suspected he chafes at this a bit. Rumor has it he slipped the leash to go on some venture with Jacqui recently.

Tylor and Yuriko have yet to have any children, which has created some political friction.

Tylor's support of Lucien's claim to the throne of Rebma proved a decisive factor in Lucien's recent victory, as having Drake's backing made Lucien's job much easier.