Chaosian Assassin

An elegant, muscular brunette who dresses in expensive clothing and carries around a crossbow, Vice is a highly-regarded professional assassin in the Courts of Chaos. She seems to specialize in Logrus and close-combat; her crossbow bolts carry an enchantment that induces petrification.

She tangled with Motoko during her attempts to take Miki's head for unknown employers (suspected to be House Darios), while working alongside Mario of Chaos and the Taylor blood creature known as Yog-y'bootymac; Motoko bound her briefly with a spell, but Vice escaped while Motoko rescued Davros from Yog's attempts to steal his spikard.

Later, she and her partner Mature attempted to kill Beowulf. He escaped after trapping Vice in his bag and came back with reinforcements. A cross-Shadow chase ensued, during which Mutsumi lost an eye to a crossbow bolt, and Jacqueline received numerous injuries. Vice was eventually beaten down, captured and psychically interrogated; the full extent of her activities have not yet been revealed, but she seems to have primarily been in the employ of Yog-y'bootymac.

Possibly with the help of a Chaosian crimelord named Vicious, Mature successfully turned the tables on Beowulf and Jacqui when they tried to use Vice to capture Mature. Beowulf and Jacqui escaped the trap abandoned the search for them.

Unfortunately, Vice and Mature had no intentions of abandoning their search for Jacqui. Having ambushed Jacqueline after she redrew Shamber's Flawed Pattern, they then took her to House Tremere, where members of that house merged her with the Chaosian mental case, Yog-Y'bootymac. Thus empowered, the three then laid a trap-scam by which they breifly got Merehallow from Kanna and Lian while on the way to Cathuria. However, their possession of the sword was measured in under a few hours, as Kanna's group figured out the scam in time and followed Yog-Y'bootymac back to the rendevous. After a tense, pitched battle, Vice and Mature were subdued, and Yog-Y'bootymac was killed.

It has since been revealed that Vice is a Taylor blood creature who was fostered in Chaos by Makoto the Mad, thereby giving her a full lifetime of memories and experience. For all intents and purposes, she is an independant being. Currently, she is under lock and key at the Keep of the Five Worlds.

On the Day of the Dead, she was released to help defend the Keep, and shifted into Utena, then fought Wu-Van to a standstill. She then lost her identity, thought the real Utena was an imposter, and had to be knocked out.