Sword of Wood, Evening Blade. It has powerful trump abilities, in addition to the usual suite of Patternblade properties (high damage value, spellbreaking, sets Chaos blood aflame, etc.)--the wielder can trump to any place he has been before, and also can sense trump energy and the usage of trump. Withywindle itself is forged in the shape of a lethal scimitar, its blade silvery grey with a portion of the Pattern engraved on it in a greenish tracery. Its hilt depicts a stylized forest.

Ages ago, under unclear circumstances, Ksinge Ivan the Terrible gained Withywindle from a shadow deity named Tobor the Thunderer. He learned the arts of trump with it and used it to bring the shadow of Muscovy under his iron grip. However, the Broken Pattern that he walked (Martyr's Walk) combined with his own unstable personality drove him to dark arts, and he started to become an undead monster known as a Soulstealer. Because of this, his sons and Tobor imprisoned him on Endor in a very sophisticated, trapped tomb, using Withywindle as the keystone of a construct that held him down.

However, Moriya had searched for Withywindle a long time, and was determined to get it. In his search, he discovered the story of Ivan from Tobor, and managed to get all the necessary keys to reach Withywindle, with help from Motoko, Davros, Thoric, Mutsumi, and Rimururu. He got Withywindle, and destroyed Ivan before he could wreak further havoc.

Moriya has now traded Withywindle to House Alars to get Justice back for Jacqueline, as he promised. This was not at all easy for him, and he is rather depressed, bitter, etc. as a result.