Vice President Aaron Burr

Cosm of Origin: Nile Empire?

Quote: "FOOLS! Your machinery guns will not save you, nor shall your High Federalist friends! You have met your match, as do all who would match wits with DIVINE BURR! AH HA HA! WAHA HA HA HA HA!"

Aaron Burr is a tall, dapper, 30-year-old man in early-19th century clothes who claims to be the 3rd Vice President of the United States. And an Egyptian god. And the future Emperor of America. KRISIS employs him anyway, because despite these little quirks he is capable of tossing around impressive spiritual powers, and also is possibly the most charming man in Houston when he wants to be.

Burr believes that all the opposition the team runs across is guided by the hand of Thomas Jefferson, who he insists is the real power behind the Living Land invasion. He is a enthusiastic supporter of industry and deforestation. Despite this, Burr has only the vaguest grasp of technology past about the 1800s, and gets easily confused by it, referring to cars as 'auto-motorers' and failing to grasp simple concepts like 'computers' and 'video cameras', sometimes with catastrophic results. Some say this supports his claim of being the 3rd VP. Others say it supports their claims that he's a moron.

Burr does possess a large number of useful skills. He is a crack shot, as long as the weapon isn't too sophisticated. He wields great spiritual powers and seldom disconnects. Despite seeming like an utter loon much of the time, he is also charming, witty, and persuasive, and has been known to talk people into doing things that they later think about and slam their head against the wall, sobbing.

He resides in a small ranch outside of town, which he calls 'Fort Burr'. In addition to his KRISIS salary, he frequently picks up extra money by doing television endorsements of various businesses and personal appearances. Some of the less-educated couch potatos of Houston think he IS the current VP as a result. There is a fervent horde of fans, mostly young women, who occassionally will try to mob him. Many cite this as evidence of a fundamental lack of justice in the universe.

Burr's exact origins are, of course, vague and mysterious.