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* Enemies Inside Claimed Territory:
* Enemies Inside Claimed Territory: 8-10,000 Estvenori at a time, coming down from the north. (Thousands more outside the Satrapy border) Skirmishing is constant.

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* Barti: The vale of the Morkosh River is highly productive with fertile grass and shepherds cluster in villages along its banks. This ancient fortress, constructed by the Empire of Wyrm Friends, was built to defend against the Pentans. Now it is a quiet posting behind the lines; few invaders get this far. 100 Orayan Heavy Infantry, 100 Vanchian Archers, and 100 Rinliddi Bird Cavalry guard this fort; they can call on 200 Kastok light cavalry from the local herders if necessary.

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* Marsihath: This fortress has the job of suppressing the chaos monsters which lurk in this ancient swamp; local legend claims the tears of a goddess slain by Chaos during the Great Darkness created the swamp. 10 Lunar wizards and war priests join 100 Dara Happan Phalanx-Men, 100 Rindliddi Skirmishers, and 100 Carmanian Cavalry in defending it and trying to hunt monsters down as they appear.
* Negde (14,000): This city sits on a large mound full of layers of previous versions of the city sacked by the Pentans or the Estvenori. It is a bustling trade city which the crops of the east and metal from Yerkov flows on its way west. Adventurers known as 'Delvers' descend into the catacomb-ruins under the city, bringing back treasures and sometimes encountering monsters. The prayers of the cult of the City Hero Negdamus (Communications) keep the monsters trapped.

Oraya and the Blue Moon Plateau

[Oraya and the Blue Moon Plateau]

The Blue Moon Plateau

The goddess Lesilla saved this region from the Great Flood by simply making it higher... higher... higher... so it rose like an island above the flood. Her holy city of Merinta was a center for worship of goddesses and other practices the Dara Happans see as disorderly at best, wicked at worst. So one of the Early Emperors sacked the city and cast down its goddesses and priestesses; trolls overran the area and have ruled it ever since.

The Trolls take a certain pleasure in following the old Merintan customs as best they can so as to further show their defiance of first the Dara Happans, then the Empire of Wyrm's Friends, then the Carmanians and then the Lunars. Indeed, they parody the worship of many lowlander gods, just to spit in everyone else's face defiantly.

This includes proving Lunar missionaries are tasty in fish sauce. The Lunar embrace of Chaos has caused Gakuz, leader of the Blue Moon Trolls, to declare the Lunar Empire tainted by Chaos and she will definitely destroy it. Eventually.

One of these days.

The Blue Moon Plateau is one of the most powerful surviving troll homelands in Genertla, possibly Glorantha as a whole. Like most troll societies, it is a matriarchy but it's better organized than most, though still limited by the troll tendency to rely on hunting and herding for food. Admittedly, if need be, trolls can just eat any plant which grows, making specific agriculture less necessary. They possess a powerful force of trolls who ride on giant moths. They are not strong enough to destroy the Lunar Empire alone but they're too strong to easily root out.


Oraya is a war zone and has been for centuries. It is fenced by the Blue Moon Trolls to the north, the Pentans to the east, and more Pentans to the south. At times, monsters rise out of the rivers and kill people for reasons they don't share. Only the desperate, over-optimistic, or the disgraced come to Oraya. Yet, at the same time, it is the land of second chances, where anyone can start over and escape their past. Two institutions embody this.

The Lunar Frontier Legion is actually a force of three Legions, committed to the defense of Oraya. Discipline is harsh, pay is often bad, and conditions are dangerous. It will recruit anything and anyone, no questions asked. You serve for 20 years, at the end of which, all your crimes are erased and all your shame discharged. Anyone who survives twenty years in the LFL is one of the toughest people on the planet and in high demand. Many take a land grant and settle down but some become mercenaries, guards, champions, and even officers in the normal Lunar forces.

The Kastoks are a group which has gradually emerged over the last fifteen hundred years as locals tried to avoid dying horribly at the hands of the Pentans. About a third of the population are Kastoks, herders and hunters who roam the plains of Oraya, fighting the Pentans and helping to defend the region which is their home. The Kastoks are organized around polks, which are basically regiments supported by intermarried families. Each harok, or company, elects an ataman who leads it and they choose the hetman who leads the polk. Like the legion, they take in exiles from other areas, but won't go as far as the legion because they are not committed to the Lunar idea 'We are all us'. They give nominal religious service to the emperor to avoid trouble, but they follow Kostok (Horse (Beast), Cavalry (Mastery)), their founder, who taught them how to kill Pentans. They were once highly autonomous but now are more tightly under Lunar authority. All Kastok men must be ready to fight and provide their own gear; in return, they don't pay taxes and they have other privileges. Groups of them are often used elsewhere in the empire to supress dissent.

The Satrap is one of the Rinliddi, Janraddi of the House of Cinlodi. His wealth mostly comes from the caravan trade to Kralorela, which is now increasingly threatened by the Pentans. He has built up a considerable force of slave-soldiers despite warnings this is a bad idea, and possesses a regiment of Rinliddi Bird-Cavalry which has long served his house. It is usually on the move protecting caravans. He also controls the HonEel? hero cult in this area, having muscled in after the old ruling clan died in the Night of Terror. This provides him with substantial religion-related revenues.

Northwestern to north-central Oraya is farmland in the Arcos River valley. Much of the population is Rinliddi but elements of many other groups can be found here, jumbling together. This is wheat production country and millet country; the locals are noted for eating noodles in profusion. The Yerkoy area is noted for a group of Mostali who have converted to the Lunar way. Dara Happans are rare here.

To the aggravation of the Lunars, the Aldryami of the forests east of the Blue Moon Plateau have allied with humans known as the Estvenori. The Estvenori worship Flamal, Yelmalio, Yelorna, and Uleria, using miracles to grow crops interspersed among the trees with mutual benefits. They ride 'timberwolves', wolves made out of wood which are the size of a large pony. They alternately trade with and raid the settlers in Oraya and retaliatory raids seem to end up eaten by trees. They somehow grow grapes in the chill forest and have excellent blue wine. Both groups are known to trade with the trolls to the west.

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