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The Kingdom of Sartar

[Big Map of Sartar]

Population: Roughly 400,000 humans live in Dragon Pass, along with 20,000 occupying Lunar soldiers. Many non-humans dwell here in hard to know numbers. Much of Sartar is thinly settled due to constant raiding and monster attacks.

In the Imperial Age, Sartar was part of the Empire of Wyrm's Friends. The Dragonkill (1100 ST) wiped out its human population and the Elder Races moved in or expanded from former holdings to take over the region. Around 1250 ST, the Pure Horse Tribe somehow bypassed the ban on humans and moved into the Grazelands. Others who tried to follow them died horribly. But in the early 1300s, the arrival of Belintar, who took over the nations of Southern Kerofinela, caused many groups to flee north and they discovered it was now safe to enter Dragon Pass. For centuries, humans clashed with the other inhabitants, carving out spaces for themselves. They also killed each other frequently, until the coming of Sartar in 1470 from the southern lands. He united the many peoples through cunning diplomacy, feats of heroism and magic, and sometimes war. He created the Kingdom of Sartar, founded a dynasty, then ascended to the heavens by becoming a holy flame which burned in Boldhome until the dynasty fell.

The disastrous brief reign of Salinarg as King of Sartar from 1600 to 1602 led to the defeat and conquest of Sartar by Lunar forces, though the Holy Country then repelled Lunar assault. Ever since, the Lunars have ruled the land but have been obsessed with conquering the Holy Country, Prax, and Caladraland.

Prince Temertain rules Sartar as a Lunar puppet; he is of the line of Sartar but grew up in the Holy Country and is more an intellectual than a ruler; he is generally considered a puppet in the hands of the Lunar authorities (like General Fazzur Wideread) and his lover, Estal Donge. The fact that Donge and Wideread agree on very little does mean the two often clash, leaving Temertain to twist in the wind one way or another. He has been unable to claim the title of King because he cannot light the Sacred Flame of Sartar in Boldhome.

Human Sartar is organized into Rings, also known as Confederations, each centered around a market town. There are also many Elder Race communities which pay some kind of fealty to the King of Sartar, or in the present day, Prince Temertain. The Grazelanders are ruled by their own Queen and do not form part of a Ring but are humans despite their claims otherwise. The most successful leaders of Sartar wooed their leader, the Feathered Horse Queen and married her, securing their allegiance. Prince Temertain has yet to even try.

Sartarite Royal Roads

Sartar was a builder. He and his descendants built a powerful network of roads to link the major cities. Each royal road is twelve to fifteen feet wide and rests on an elevated foundation of soil and rubble near as tall as a man. In areas too wet to drain properly, this is replaced with tree trunks carefully preserved by magic, on which the road rests. Great stone slabs form the road in long straight sections connected by small areas of tiled stone where the road must turn or arc. There are periodic shrines and rest stops along the road, themselves elevated and set with stone shaped to contain places for firepits. Watchtowers and guardposts dot the road; the King provided the guards for the roads, which he owned.

The biggest, fanciest road is the King's Highway, which runs from Jonstown to Boldhome to the Clearwine Temple to Wilmskirk. Later Kings added to the road network.

Unfortunately, it is now beginning to crumble as the royal magic no longer sustains it with the Flame of Sartar having gone out. The Lunars use it, but many Orlanthi find other ways to travel, to avoid Lunar attention.

The Rings

Other Human Regions of Sartar

In addition, there are some special regions of Human Sartar.

The Elder Races

In addition, the Elder Races have their own strongholds within Sartar; only the Merfolk are missing in some regard. The northern end of Beast Valley was part of Sartar until the Lunar conquest; its inhabitants threw in with the Holy Country and reunited with the Beastmen already part of that now collapsed state.

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