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Western Ralios (Bad Deal, Ballid, Guhan, Western Vesmonstran, Western Safelester)

[Bad Deal, Ballid, Guhan, Western Vesmonstran, Western Safelester]

Bad Deal

Once an extension of the Nidian Decamony, the Syndic's Ban and the changing of Fronela cut off Bad Deal from the Nidian Decamony. This made them more dependent on trade, difficult when angry Elves are your neighbors. Nevertheless, they persevered, eventually arguing the Ballid Elves around into being trade partners; indeed, they have become obsessed with trade and have gone heretical to a degree which likely makes it for the best that they still can't get in touch with their old bosses. Everything is for sale at Bad Deal and they WILL convince you to buy.

They produce very high quality goods but the cost is usually very high or you end up buying a huge pile of mostly useless or very powerful yet highly restricted things from them (such as a sword which is highly enchanted to kill the ghosts of premature babies) in addition to what you wanted. Still, if you can make it to Bad Deal, and if you are loaded and if you can resist buying so much you have to indenture yourself to pay it off, then you can find what you need at Bad Deal.

All prices are fixed prices; there are inns but only the ones run by indentured servants are not terrible to stay in (humans don't like sleeping on rock beds and eating mush from a can).

Bad Deal hires out mercenaries and facilitates mercenary contracts; most of Silver Country's diverse mercenaries were hired through Bad Deal.

It is run by a very loud Copper Mostali named Matressa Makan. She appears to be female, though it's hard to tell; she always speaks of herself in the third person. She has a pet tiger which instantly tries to kill anyone who attempts to haggle within sight of it. She is known to herself be an expert in the creation of ceramic containers for grain storage and transport, though her main job seems now to be to encourage people to buy things. She sells with vast enthusiasm. Matressa assures everyone she meets that MATRESSA MAKAN WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. This is usually not even vaguely true, but she will sell you quality goods.


For a very long time after it split with Erontree, Ballid was full of angry evergreen elves who killed every human who came close. This mostly cut off Bad Deal from Ralios, though it got plenty of trade via Fronela. Skirmished with Guhan and Bad Deal and Vesmonstran were common.

Until partway through the Third Age, when Matressa Makan rode a zebra into the forest and somehow reached one of the sacred trees. The words of what went down are not known but the Elves agreed to a treaty, allowing trade through their lands in return for travelers taking seeds home and tending to them; this obligation is bound by oaths. Ballid's seeds now flourish across the world and every so often give birth to an Aldryami who goes to the nearest settlement of Aldryami once able to do so.

Agreements with the Vesmonstran clans near the border have further ensured that there is no more encroachment on the forest and every clan grows a grove of trees sacred to Aldrya herself where Aldryami will sometimes come and stay.

Ballid's elves trade special wood worked items and plants which grow here to get seeds of other plants they don't have yet and so so quite eagerly.

They still fight with Guhan, though.


Guhan is the last remnant of the Stygian Empire; it follows the old Stygian cult and possesses the hidden lore of Arkat, including control of many darkness spirits. Caravans from here move across much of Western Genertla, especially to their distant kin in Halikiv. The cult of Argan Arkar is powerful here and several of the Matriarchs are initiated in it. Here, trolls build cities and keep slaves who are rarely eaten for there is always plentiful food, thanks to said slaves growing crops and raising animals for the trolls. It is generally known the Matriarchs seek to break the curse on Trollkind; they pay well for anything which helps in that regard.

They are on bad terms with Ballid and constantly skirmish.

Kingdom of Kustria

Many years ago, western Safelester was ruled by King Ulianus, also king of Seshnela. He created a domain whose purpose it was to use chivalry to resolve disputes in Ralios; the Kingdom of Kustria is dedicated to holding yearly tournaments in which all men of valor may come and settle their differences with trial by combat; the Creator will surely guarantee that justice prevails! In recent years, the Loksalm Hrestoli Church has made great gains in the Kingdom and many consider it likely full conversion will come soon. Janus de Chevalier is the Tournament King of Kustria, ruling from the Joyful Chateau.

The County of Taras

Once part of Kustria, the pragmatic Counts of Taras broke fealty so they could hoard the tolls from river travel for themselves. All water trade out of and into Safelester flows through their capital, so they are RICH. It also supports a city the country could otherwise never sustain. Most of the population lives in the Taras river valley or in the mining zone around Coragani Castle. The Taras River valley is home to grape production, endless fields of tomatoes and melons, and some rice paddies. The drier southern plains are home to vast, endless herds of sheep.

The County of Trollguard

During the first height of Seshnegi expansion in the Third Age, this county was founded to ward against the trolls of Guhan. Then the tide receded and it was on its own; it pledges fealty to the Kingdom of Kustria now, for it sometimes needs aid when the trolls decide to launch a major raid. Like Kustria, it is more feudal than most of Safelester.

150 knights, 1500 foot and 1500 archers defend this land against the trolls and Orlanthi raids. In an emergency as many as 17,000 poorly armed peasants can be called out to die horribly and run screaming. They can also generally mobilize a hundred wizards and priests in wartime.

Trollguard has no real caste system; people who own land (wizards, priests, nobles) have power, those who have to rent land have basic rights and pay rent and do labor duties for the rest. Anyone who owns land owes military service. There is a fair amount of mobility as people die off in the upper class and open up space for wealthy folk to get land and move up.

Count William is dedicated to the code of Chivalry between true men but does not apply it to dwarves, trolls, and elves. At the same time, he wants to avoid trouble which would cut the caravan lines that bring him wealth. He and his land are Orthodox Hrestoli.

Western Vesmonstran

This is a land of Orlanthi clans who sometimes unite to form tribes or even kingdoms briefly. In fact, five such clans have now formed a tribe, the Caravan Tribe, who unite in maintaining the caravan route which runs from Trollguard through Ballid and Bad Deal to Peloria and Fronela. This is the only land route to Fronela, in fact.

The Caravan Tribe

Population: Roughly 5000 people

The Askim, Egersund, Elverum, Haugesund and Stavenger clans have formed a clan ring and chosen a Tribal King; the current one is an Issaries initiate, Hjarvelk the Clever. They are rolling in dough by Orlanthi standards, thanks to this. They formed a deal with the Ballid Elves and each clan maintains a sacred grove for visitors from Ballid and allow a quarter of their land to lie fallow in perpetuity, becoming wild lands. Given they graze pigs on said land, this hasn't hurt them much. In return, Aldryami join their planting and harvest festivals and their crop yields are huge. A typical bloodline of thirty might produce enough food for a hundred people or more! Raids by jealous trolls are a small price to pay, especially when other trolls come and trade with them for food. Hosting caravans allows further amplification of their wealth as their gift of food is reciprocated with gifts of goods from the caravans.

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