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**Puissance: Strength of Victory: When you succeed in a ballsport related action, spend one Brainmeat to heal Health equal to your Bellicosity.
**Puissance: Divine Blessing: Spend one Existence to reflexively reduce any physical condition related to physical injury by your Perspicacity.

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* Aura of Unimportance (Normalcy + Obstinancy): This causes people to ignore you; they *see* you, they just don't think you are worth caring about. Until you pounce on them for their blood or walk past them and steal everything in the vault, anyway. This slowly consumes your blood supply.
* Aura of Potence (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): You radiate 'badass motherfucker', even if you are busy making lace by hand. This slowly consumes your blood supply.

Ace of Clubs - Lazy Sunday

The secret society of believers in Vampire Privilege. Where the Blood Cabal hides from mankind, controlling it from the shadows, Lazy Sunday believes Vampires should be kings and queens, ruling mankind. They are led by the BasketBaals?, the Thirteenth Clan, usurped long ago by a Philistine Cult. In practice, take the worst white frat boy and give him vampire powers and that's most of Lazy Sunday, which is too decentralized to do a lot more than rampage as the Blood Cabal tries to restrain them and hide the existence of vampires.

Or maybe that's what they want you to think.

There are only twelve clans because the BasketBaals? don't trust the Gyros to not try to usurp THEM too.


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