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Added: 7a8,9
*The Animal Liberation Front: Only Lycanthropes born as an animal can join this tribe. They believe humans have gone too far and it's time to trim back the herd, whether by open violence, or by manuevering humans into slaughtering each other. Or maybe the humans can be enslaved and thus controlled to act in harmony with nature as animals do. Pointing out that ALL their plans essentially involves the worst behavior of human beings is a good way to get them to try to kill you. Sarcastic lycanthropes call them 'The Alt-Bite', but only from a safe distance. Bellicosity +2, Normalcy +1
**Puissance: Brain-Damaging Psychological Blather: You can make a Mental/Insanity? attack which imposes the Mental/Insanity? Condition Accepts Male Supremacy, adding your Perspicacity to the level of the Condition.

Added: 11a14,17
*Hippies: Known now as Hippies, the Children of Peace have always tried to reconcile the tribes to each other. This can often be dangerous, especially as they themselves are prone to flipping out by the very nature of lycanthropes. Doh. Artistry +1, Synergy +2
**Puissance: Peaceful Souls: You can reduce a Mental/Emotional? Condition on the target of your choice by spending one Brainmeat. It drops by your Synergy.
*Keepers of the Sky: They raised all the great ancient observatories, or so they claim; they study the skies to determine what the future will be. Normalcy +1, Perspicacity +2
**Puissance: Your Doom Has Been Foretold: You can make Existential/Fate? attacks which impose the Existential/Fate? Condition Doom, adding your Perspicacity level to the level of any Conditions successfully imposed.

Added: 13a20,27
*Get of Freud: The world exists for men's benefit and the Killmongers of Sappho need to be stomped flat. This group has a feud with the Killmongers of Sappho which thankfully keeps them from causing other people trouble, at least some of the time. They like to think of themselves as rationalists... they are very good at rationalizing. Bellicosity +1, Perspicacity +1, Obstinancy +1
**Puissance: Brain-Damaging Psychological Blather: You can make a Mental/Insanity? attack which imposes the Mental/Insanity? Condition Accepts Male Supremacy, adding your Perspicacity to the level of the Condition.
*Lords of the Rift Valley: Assuming their supremacy-justifying propaganda can be trusted, they were the first lycanthropes, born when humanity still clustered around the Great Rift Valley in East Africa. They are sort of the leaders of lycanthrope-kind, or at least being in this clan gives you an edge in such things. Bellicosity +1, Obstinancy +1, Synergy +1.
**Puissance: Rightful Ruler of Lycathropes: You can make Social/Obligation? attacks on any kind of shapeshifter, adding your Obstinancy to the level of any Conditions imposed.
*The Moon Ninjas: Every lycanthrope loves the night, but they want to marry it. They are sneaky and clever, learning the arts of stealth and how to use their powers discreetly and intelligently where most of their kin charge straight ahead, shouting, "TEEEEEERRRRRAAAAAA!". They claim humans stole the idea of ninjas from them. Artistry +1, Bellicosity +1, Perspicacity +1.
**Puissance: Eyes of the Moon: Only insofar as it effects you, reduce any Physical/Darkness? condition or Backdrop by your Artistry. (Ie, you can see in the dark.)
*The Raven Riders: Native to the Americas, the Raven Riders are trying very hard to juggle their duties to the Council and their efforts to protect and promote their human Native American relatives and their animal kin as well; they cling hard to the old ways. Bellicosity +1, Obstinancy +2
**Puissance: Raven Flight: You can fly as fast as a raven, sprouting wings when you do so, whether it fits your animal side or not. If you are a bird lycanthrope, double your flight speed in Animal Form and you can fly in War Form or Human Form as fast as a raven.

Added: 17a32,34
*Utena: Once powerful witches and shamans, the modern generation of them seem to all be anime fans that surreal things happen around. This has created a major generational crisis. Artistry +1, Perspicacity +1, Synergy +1
**Puissance: Make the Walls Bleed: By spending one Brainmeat, you can impose the Existential Backdrop 'The Wall of Night is Leaking Heavily' at a level equal to your Artistry.

Added: 28a46
*Animal Form Combat (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): You are skilled at fighting in your animal form.

Added: 29a48,49
*Lord of Shadows (Artistry + Perspicacity): Favored by Moon Ninjas. You know the lore of darkness and light spirits and can command them to adjust the amount of light or darkness in your vicinity.
*Hold Court (Bellicosity + Synergy): Favored by the Lords of the Rift Valley. You know how to hold any kind of meeting attended by dangerous, violent people and keep it on topic and violence-free, channeling their instincts at their real enemies and into what needs to be done. It may not be fun, but things will get done.

Added: 30a51,52
*Peace and Love (Artistry + Synergy): Favored by Hippies. You know how to make people chill out and get their groove on, possibly involving traditional sacred smoking substances.
*Read the Stars (Normalcy + Perspicacity): Favored by Keepers of the Stars. You can foretell the future. But by doing so, you make it harder to escape unwanted fates.

Added: 33a56
*Tap Outrage (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): Favored by the Raven Riders; you can draw upon your anger from what was done to your ancestors and your homeland to basically rampage with the strength of a full Berserkergang, while retaining intelligence and focus to use it wisely. Sometimes goes horribly wrong.

Added: 34a58
*Walk the Moon Roads (Normalcy + Perspicacity): Favored by the Moonlight Ramblers. You know how to find the Moon Roads which link every place of power and how to cut into the roads if you are along one but not at a place of power. You can then travel on them at 1000 MPH, though to someone else on the Moon Road, you seem to walk normally.

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