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* The Damnless: The Determined Fellowship. A collection of extremely stubborn people.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Obstinancy +2
** Penchant: Magical Mental Defense (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): You have studied the arts of protecting your mind from persuasion, possession, mental assault, and so on.
** Puissance I Will Not Be Moved: Spend one Brainmeat to reduce any Social Condition imposed on you by your Obstinancy.
** Possessions: Zero Level: Talking Honey Badger Companion, Customized Wizarding Robes to Your Personal Taste, Roll on the Magical Tome Table (Levellable)

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* Owlriders: The Intellectual Fellowship. A collection of magical dancers, artists, poets, writers, actors and other creative types.
** Attributes: Normalcy +1, Perspicacity +2
** Penchant: Magical Research (Normalcy + Perspicacity): You have trained in the art of magical research; given a library, internet connection, or similar thing to work with, you can find out just about anything if you have enough time to work on it.
** Puissance Witty Quotes: You can make Social attacks using your Perspicacity; you can burn one Brainmeat to raise any conditions thus imposed by your Perspicacity.
** Possessions: Zero Level: Talking Owl Companion (sadly not big enough to actually ride), normal Witching Robes + Glasses, Roll on the Magical Tome Table (Levellable)

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Three of Hearts - You're a Witch, Mary

You were whisked off to a secret magical academy.


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