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* Ghostpuncher: You can make Existential/Spiritual? attacks, adding your Obstinancy to the level of any Conditions you impose.
* I Love the Night: Spend one Brainmeat to reflexively reduce any Condition imposed by creatures of the night by your Artistry.
* Immune to Cold: Reduce all Cold damage by your Obsinancy.
* Phantasmagoria: You can make Mental/Fear? attacks, adding your Artistry to the level of any Conditions you impose.

* Induce Madness: You can make Mental/Insanity? attacks which add your Synergy to the Conditions imposed.
* Resist Madness: Reflexively reduce Mental/Insanity? conditions by your Artistry.
* Temporal Armor: Reflexively reduce any Conditions imposed by time travel or temporal creatures/energies by your Artistry.
* Touch of Grey: You can make Physical/Debilitation? attacks which add your Artistry to any Conditions imposed.

4 of Spades- Fully Understood Time Cube

All those long days of pouring over insane rantings has now qualified you for making your own!


Artistry +2, Synergy +1




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