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Changed: 1c1

4 of Spades- Fully Understood Time Cube

6 of Spades- Snake Ghandi

Changed: 3c3
All those long days of pouring over insane rantings has now qualified you for making your own!

Changed: 7c7
Artistry +2, Synergy +1
Bellicosity +2, Obstinancy +1

Changed: 11c11
*I Have a Vision: You gain Fortune Dice when you interpret everything in light of your crazy theory; you suffer Adversity Dice when you explain things rationally.
*Jumpy: You gain Fortune Dice when you are jumpy and paranoid; you suffer Adversity Dice when you act as if you were safe. You survived Snake Ghandi and nowhere will ever feel or BE safe again because he doesn't like loose ends.

Changed: 15c15
* Rant Derangedly (Artistry + Synergy): You know how to spew endless crazy babble. This may infect others.
* GET THE FUCK OUT (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): You are well versed in getting the hell out before it's too late, even if you have to fight through an army to do it.

Changed: 21,24c21,24
* Induce Madness: You can make Mental/Insanity? attacks which add your Synergy to the Conditions imposed.
* Resist Madness: Reflexively reduce Mental/Insanity? conditions by your Artistry.
* Temporal Armor: Reflexively reduce any Conditions imposed by time travel or temporal creatures/energies by your Artistry.
* Touch of Grey: You can make Physical/Debilitation? attacks which add your Artistry to any Conditions imposed.
* Eye Gouge: You can make Physical/Blindness? and Physical/Debility? attacks which add your Bellicosity to the Conditions imposed.
* Resist Fear: Reflexively reduce Mental/Emotional? conditions by your Bellicosity.
* Resist Poison: Reflexively reduce Physical/Poison? conditions by your Obstinancy.
* Survive A Beating: Spend one Brainmeat to reflexively reduce Physical conditions by your Bellicosity.

Changed: 28,30c28,30
* Rumpled Suit
* Collection of Fringe Theory Books
* Time Cube: Burn one Brainmeat to travel through time.
* A Tattoo whose origin you can't remember
* Copious Scars
* Your Trusty Knife: Ranged or Melee Physical/Piercing? attacks; add your Bellicosity to any Conditions imposed.

6 of Spades- Snake Ghandi



Bellicosity +2, Obstinancy +1




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You can throw out your Nemesis card and replace it with [The King of Clubs: Snake Ghandi]? if you want to and if it is available.