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# Fought Nazi Trashcans on the Planet Haephestus: That pool ball turned out to have a monster in it!
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Normalcy +1, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Cute Monster Gladiator (Bellicosity + Synergy): You know how to tame and train cute monsters and how to best use them in battle and to help them heal.
** Puissance Why Can't We Be Friends?: The power of Befriending is yours. You can make Social/Friendship? attacks which add your Synergy to any Conditions imposed.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Normal Clothing, Cute Monster Food; Edison the Electrical Squirrel: Makes Ranged Physical/Lightning? attacks which add your Bellicosity to any Conditions imposed.
# Do it in the Key of Awesome!: You transform into an idol singer, which isn't much good for fighting, but man, you have a lot of pocket money now.
** Attributes: Choose either Artistry +2, Synergy +1 or Artistry +1, Synergy +2
** Penchant: Idol Singing (Artistry + Synergy): You are an incredible stage performer and know how to handle fans and interviewers.
** Puissance Legion of Fans: Burn one Reputation to turn a minor NPC into a Contact who is one of your fans.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Idol Uniform, Manager; All The Gear for Your Stage Show: Spend one Reputation to impose the Social Backdrop Everyone Loves YOUR NAME at a level equal to your Synergy.
# Elemental Power, MAKEUP!: You have acquired a makeup kit carefully enchanted with Hermetic magic that transforms you into a potent Elemental being; you use it to fight ancient evil and impress cute boys (or girls! or both!).
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Normalcy +1, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Elemental Warfare (Bellicosity + Synergy): Pick an element; you control it with your magic, but only after transforming and you need to make sure no one sees you transform!
** Puissance Elemental Resistance: Reduce all damage inflicted on you by your Chosen Element by your Synergy.
** Stuff: Zero Level: School Uniform, A Modern Tech item of your choice which shows off your talents or personality; Hermetic Elemental Makeup Kit: Allows Mental/Seduction? attacks, adding your Normalcy to any conditions imposed. Also needed for transformation.
# Form of... A Sherman Tank!: You turn into a literal tank.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +2, Obstinancy +1
** Penchant: Armored Warfare (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): You are skilled in the strategy, tactics, and execution of tank warfare.
** Puissance Durable: Spend one Health to reflexively reduce any Physical condition by your Bellicosity.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Uniform, Handgun, Magical Tank Cannon: In addition to being a Tank Cannon, it also lets you make Existential/Destruction? attacks which add your Bellicosity to damage inflicted.
# ROCK ME LIKE A HURRICANE!!!!: You transform into a cyberpunk Rocker Girl; despite having no disguise magic, no one ever recognizes you like this, probably because you normally don't have a giant pink reverse-mohawk.
** Attributes: Artistry +1, Bellicosity +1, Obstinancy +1
** Penchant: Punk Rock Rebellion (Artistry + Obstinancy): Your lack of formal musical training does not stop you shouting your rage at the world or inspiring others to rage against THE MAN!
** Puissance Society Can Go Fuck A Goat: Reflexively reduce any Social/Obligation? Conditions imposed on you by your Obstinancy.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Datajack, Wild Costume; Cyberguitar: This allows Mental/Emotional? attacks which add your Bellicosity to any Conditions imposed. Also, it is as loud as a plane engine. You plug into it and it hijacks every speaker in the area, from cellphones to actual standing speakers.

* 1. Accidentally Abducted When You Went 'Home' with Dr. ManWhat?'s Grandneice Twice Removed: You thought this would be some teen making out, but first you found out she lived in a PhotoBooth?, then you discovered it was an extradimensional space and then Dr. ManWhat? came home and took off with you in the ship! You did get some making out done, at least.
** Attributes: Choose either Normalcy +1, Synergy +2 or Normalcy +2, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Telepathy (Normalcy + Synergy): She taught you to communicate mind-to-mind, which enabled some SERIOUS making out even when Dr. ManWhat? was lecturing you on decorum!
** Puissance Absorbed a lot of Positrons: Reflexively reduce any Conditions imposed by time travel or temporal creatures/energies by your Normalcy.
** Stuff: Zero Level: School Uniform, Carry Bag; Time Key: Unlocks Dr. ManWhat?'s Time Capsule should you encounter it; allows you to make Existential/Destruction? attacks on Existential Entities by discharging some of your positrons. Add your Synergy to any Conditions inflicted.
* 2. Fought Nazi Trashcans on the Planet Haephestus: The colony was saved and only half of them died! You can still smell the mercury, though.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Perspicacity +1, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Battle Nazi Trashcans (Bellicosity + Synergy): You know how to deal with would-be universe conquering trashcans!
** Puissance Survive Poisonous Terrain: Reflexively reduce Physical/Poison? Conditions by your Perspicacity.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Hazard Gear, Medkit; Bottle of Space Mercury: Makes Melee Physical/Poison? attacks which add your Bellicosity to any Conditions imposed.
* 3. Assigned as Assistant During His Time When Dr. ManWhat? Worked With Measure: You were a low-ranking agent of Measure who got assigned to assist Dr. ManWhat?, which meant being dragged into one cosmic disaster after another AND having to deal with his Evil Twin / Evil Boyfriend / Evil Old Friend / Evil WHATEVER HE WAS 'Professor WTF'.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Normalcy +1, Perspicacity +1
** Penchant: Surveillance (Normalcy + Bellicosity): You are skilled at spying on people and gathering information.
** Puissance Stiff Upper Lip: Reflexively reduce Mental/Emotional? Conditions by your Normalcy.
** Stuff: Zero Level: MEASURE Uniform, Surveillance Gear; Professor WTF's Tissue Compression Gun, Mark IV: This compresses tissue paper into tiny flying blades you shoot at people, doing Ranged Physical/Slicing? Damage; add your Bellicosity to any damage you inflict.
* 4. He Rescued You From a Parallel Universe: He saved you from being trapped in a parallel universe.
** Attributes: Obstinancy +1, Perspicacity +2
** Penchant: Mathematical Obsession (Obstinancy + Perspicacity): You can go into obsessive fugues where you solve amazingly hard math problems in a short span of time.
** Puissance Too Young To Care: Reflexively reduce any Social/Obligation? Conditions by your Obstinancy.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Parallel Universe Clothing, A weapon typical of that universe, Teenage Self-Absorption: Reflexively reduce any Mental/Emotional? conditions by your Perspicacity.
* 5. Stopped For a Photo on the Way to Work: You wanted to get a photo of you in your new Butler's Uniform before starting a six figure job as a high-class butler, only it turned out to be Dr. ManWhat?'s Time Capsule and he accidentally kidnapped you for five years. He did give you a reference when you departed, though!
** Attributes: Normalcy +2, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Butlering (Normalcy + Synergy): You are a master Butler.
** Puissance Stiff Upper Lip: Reflexively reduce Mental/Emotional? Conditions by your Normalcy.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Butler Uniform, Fancy Cane; Immaculate White Gloves: This Allows Social/Shame? attacks which add your Normalcy to any Conditions imposed. This is done by slapping people with them.
* 6. Joined Dr. ManWhat? Through A Confusing Time Anomaly: The Mundanity Collective attempted to put Dr. ManWhat? on trial, but the resulting time hijinx tied multiple knots in the time line; you somehow joined Dr. ManWhat? on his adventures at the end of an adventure together in which you were already a team. You also are not sure why you left, beyond being sure that Julius the Orange, a denizen of the End of Time, had something to do with it. Maybe.
** Attributes: Artistry +1, Obstinancy +1, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Survive Ennui (Artistry + Obstinancy): You never get bored and will ALWAYS find something to do to entertain yourself, even in the Stone Age.
** Puissance Confuse Foes By Describing Your Adventures In Detail: You can make Mental/Insanity? attacks which add your Artistry to any Conditions imposed.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Set of clothing in which every item comes from a different time period, making you look like some sort of Cosmic Clown and A Painting of Concepts Having an Orgy, painted by Julius the Orange; End of Time Nanobots: Burn one Existence to create a Zero-Level Stuff which is up to a feast in scale. (Yes, you can unravel yourself completely using this; at the End of Time, this adds spice to life.)
* 7. You Were Born To Travel With Dr. ManWhat?, Maybe: First a hurricane somehow hit your home in POLAND, then it blew you through space and time to the Great Wheel, where you eventually left with Dr. ManWhat?; during your adventures, things happened which made you think your parents travelled with Dr. ManWhat?, which is how they started dating AND why they have a picture of them having a threesome with Helen of Troy in the living room. Eventually, you were accidentally abandoned at a Space Truckstop... you're not sure if that was an accident, but you did fall asleep on the toilet.
** Attributes: Artistry +1, Bellicosity +1, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Space Trucker (Artistry + Bellicosity): You are versed in all the arts of Trucking in Space, including how to deal with SPACE PIGS.
** Puissance Make Explosives: You can make Ranged and Melee Physical/Blunt? attacks with explosives, including a bat you strap grenades to. Add your Bellicosity to any Conditions imposed.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Jacket covered with patches from Space Truckstops, Space Baseball Bat with Grenade Holder; Space Eighteen-Wheeler: This can travel in space; spend one Brainmeat to reduce any Physical conditions imposed on a passenger in it by your Artistry.
* 8. Veteran of the Spacetime War: Dr. ManWhat? spent his eighth incarnation locked in battle with Hail Discordia, who were trying to change the world from a rational place of science to an irrational world of magic and paradoxes. They operated from inside Mercendonius, the now long abandoned intercalary month of the pre-Julius Caesar Roman Calendar, caught in the time loop equivalent of one of those Fruidonia Latte Equinox Coffees. You know how those are. Anyway, the result is that your original timeline doesn't exist or possibly someone ate it and used it to grow crops. Look, you've seen some crazy shit.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Obstinancy +1, Perspicacity +1
** Penchant: Temporal Warfare (Bellicosity + Perspicacity): You can recognize and conduct temporal warfare, though you know it's rather... dangerous. Mind you, you still need an actual time machine.
** Puissance Right Hook: However the world changes, punching always works. Almost always. Usually. Sometimes. It worked once. You can make Physical/Blunt? attacks which add your Bellicosity to any Conditions imposed.
** Stuff: Zero Level: 2 Random items plus a Random levellable Item
* 9. Every Planet Has a North by Northwest: You had a boring post-high school life in which you worked a 9-5 dead end job and lived with your Dad (no one can agree what happened to your Mom, even though you all witnessed it). Then Dr. ManWhat? saved you from a Kroftian Invasion and you went on adventures with him in space and time because it sure beat your lousy job.
** Attributes: Normalcy +2, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Work Retail While Keeping Sanity (Normalcy + Synergy): You can basically work any retail job with great skill and easily get yourself hired, even before you were actually born.
** Puissance Survive Mind-Deadening Work: Working an 8 hour shift lets you heal Brainmeat equal to your Normalcy.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Work Uniform, Mop, Winning Smile: This allows you to make Mental/Emotional? attacks which add your Synergy to any Conditions imposed.
* 10. Dr. Manwhat the Time Academic Victor/Victoria?: It remains unclear to you what went wrong, because you were not there. You think he and a previous companion may have been banging, and when she left, he went totally off his nut. You burned a lot of energy basically guiding his / her crazy towards forces of evil instead of decisions that Corn is Murder or forming Reindeer Liberation Fronts.
** Attributes: Normalcy +1, Obstinancy +2
** Penchant: Guide Endless Energy of Others In Useful Ways (Normalcy + Obstinancy): You are skilled at the art of deflecting people from pursuing dumb ideas by giving them something USEFUL to do.
** Puissance Feign Belief: You can turn any member of an ideological organization into a Contact for one scene by spending one Brainmeat and talking to them so they think you're a true believer too.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Nice Suit, Tea Set, Dossiers About Various Affiliations: This allows you to make Social/Obligation? attacks on members of any Affiliation which add your Obstinancy to any Conditions imposed.
* 11. Does It Count as Blowing Up the Universe If You Replace it?: If you understand correctly, a splinter faction of the Qwabal convinced itself Dr. ManWhat? was going to destroy the Universe by speaking The Final Words, so it sent powerful Library spirits to render him unable to say anything. He mistook this for revenge by Hail Discordia and saved you from being killed by what he thought were its agents, but were actually your Nemesis trying to do its cosmic Job. Then you launched a pre-emptive strike on Hail Discordia and in the process, the Time Capsule blew up, destroying the Universe. But because it was a Time Capsule, this explosion was also the Big Bang (maybe?) and a new universe that seems much like the old one was born, though you keep finding subtle differences.
** Attributes: Normalcy +1, Perspicacity +1, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Knowledge of the Old Universe (Normalcy + Perspicacity): You know a lot about the old universe, imprinted on your brain by it blowing up. That can be useful information but it's not always TRUE.
** Puissance Hatred of Hail Discordia: You can make Existential/Destruction? attacks which add your Perspicacity to any Conditions imposed, but only to anything affiliated with Chaos in some form.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Nice Suit, Your Adequate Compact Car, Psychic Paper: This allows you to make Social/Obligation? attacks which add your Synergy to any Conditions imposed.
* 12. A Rock God of Space and Time: You thought this would be a normal roadie job; it was far more awesome if more dangerous. Rock on, Dr. ManWhat?!
** Attributes: Artistry +2, Synergy +1
** Penchant: The Art of Musical Spectacle (Artistry + Synergy): You know how to give performances which move hearts.
** Puissance Wall of Sound: You can impose the Physical Backdrop Wall of Wall of Sound at a level equal to your Artistry; this makes it hard to hear anything but your music.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Rocker Clothing, Music Collection, Sound Gear: This allows you to make Physical/Sonic? attacks which add your Artistry to any Conditions imposed.

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King of Diamonds - Travelled with Dr. ManWhat?

You went on a trip with Dr. ManWhat? and... look, your opthamologist says your eyes cannot bleed forever.


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