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* Cosmic Cactus People: By turning themselves into cactus people, they gained immortality and cosmic power. You ran away before they could finish the job on you, but now you've got both power and... issues.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Obstinancy +1, Perspicacity +1
** Penchant: Cactus Cosmic Power (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): You can wield vast cosmic power... if you don't mind turning yourself more into a Cosmic Cactus, at least for a while.
** Puissance Cactus Armor: Reflexively reduce any Physical/Piercing? conditions by your Bellicosity.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Heavily Patched Clothing, Running Shoes, The Cactus Configuration: Allows Magical Physical/Piercing? attacks which add your Bellicosity to any conditions inflicted.
* ET - The Video Game: They buried those things FOR GOOD REASON, you know.
* Ghost-Toasting Equipment: The world is full of uppity dead and it's time for you to encourage them to move on with 3 billion volts of nuclear force.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Perspicacity +2
** Penchant: Ghost-Toasting Tech (Bellicosity + Perspicacity): You know how to build advanced technology to fight ghosts and how to fight ghosts with it.
** Puissance Ghost-Resistant: You can reflexively reduce any condition inflicted by an Existential being by your Perspicacity.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Ghost-Toaster Uniform (now especially stain-resistant!), Laboratory for building your equipment, The Ghost-Toast Mobile: Holds four, plus up to 10 captured Existential Beings; You can make Existential/Binding? attacks with it which add your Perspicacity to the level of imposed conditions.
* ET - The Video Game: Re-inventing Ancient Evil is Still Evil.

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* The Second Highlander Movie: It's all YOUR fault.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +2, Obstinancy +1
** Penchant: Resist Being Broken By Things You See (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): No matter how terrible something visual is, you can handle it.
** Puissance Too Angry To Get Sad: Reflexively reduce any Mental/Emotional? Conditions imposed on you by your Bellicosity.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Normal Clothing, Laptop which can play DVDs; Highlander II: Allows Mental/Insanity? attacks which add your Bellicosity to any Conditions imposed.
* Hyperdimensional Coffee: Suitable for things from other dimensions, especially eldritch oddities. Hey, they deserve Coffee too!
** Attributes: Artistry +1, Normalcy +1, Perspicacity +1
** Penchant: Transmute the Physical to the Spiritual (Artistry + Perspicacity): You know how to bring things through the Wall of Night, into and out of the Spirit World, especially food. Warning - You can bring spirits into the physical world, but you can't *control* them.
** Puissance Hypergeometric Mind: Reflexively reduce any Mental/Insanity? Conditions imposed on you by your Perspicacity.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Normal Clothing, Collection of Ritual Tools; Hyperdimensional Coffee: Allows Existential/Binding? attacks on Existential Beings, who crave it. Add your Normalcy to any Conditions imposed.

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