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Added: 19a20,22
* Big Metal Fist: Spend one Health to add your Bellicosity to Physical/Blunt? damage inflicted with your fists. You can make Physical/Blunt? attacks.
* Fire Hose: You have to plug into a water source to use this; allows Ranged/Blunt? attacks. Reflexively reduce any Physical/Fire? conditions by your Normalcy. You can also make attacks to reduce Fire Backdrops.
* Jambox: You can make Mental/Emotional? attacks with this and entertain people. Spend one Brainmeat to add your Normalcy to any conditions you impose.

Changed: 25c28
* Consult with the Conductor to design an appropriate accessory for your 'mundane' form.
* Consult with the Conductor to design an appropriate level 1 and 2 level zero accessories for your 'mundane' form.

Four of Spades - Robot in Disguise

Robot in disguise. Two story tall washing machines totally blend in.


Bellicosity +1, Normalcy +1, Obstinancy +1