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** Roll on the [Weird Shit Table]?, taking it as level 1.
** Roll on the [Vampire Magic Item Table]?, taking it as level 1.

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** Occult Gear
** Roll on the [Vampire Magic Item Table]?.

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Ten of Clubs - Blood Cabal

The secret society of vampires that controls EVERYTHING. Founded by 13 of the 14 clans descended from Kilroy, the First Vampire. (Kilroy himself is long missing, but periodically, graffiti turns up claiming he had visited a place. Kilroy is also known as Murphy.) The Fourteenth Clan was usurped long ago by a Philistine Cult and now are known as the BasketBaals?, leaders of the other vampire conspiracy, Lazy Sunday. Because of that, the BasketBaals? are banned from the Blood Cabal, even renegade ones. Who can't be trusted.

Not that vampires can trust each other much.

The Blood Cabal maintains the Screen, the requirement that vampires hide themselves and plot from the shadows. This enables them to avoid being wiped out by the Mundanity Cabal. There are rumors, in fact, of collaboration with the Mundanity Cabal to hide the existence of vampires. A Council of 13 rules the Blood Cabal and one of its members is appointed Screenmaster General, in charge of maintaining the Screen. He commands a force of vampiric ninja known as the Concealers, who cover up anything which would break the Screen.

Below the level of the Council of 13, every city is basically its own miniature vampire city-state. The ruler holds the title of Baron, and appoints other vampires to hold office beneath him. Any clan might hold this office; in practice, most Barons are Vanderbilts, Xanatosi, Copperfields, or Gyros. The Barony includes a large swath of land around the city and all the smaller communities inside it. In practice, much of the rural lands of any given barony are dominated by lycanthropes or other supernaturals, because there aren't enough people to support many vampires there (In theory, a rural area with a thousand people could support a vampire, but in practice, anything less than 100,000 humans per vampire risks discovery too much.)

The Blood Cabal takes the official position that the Unclediluvians do not exist, the Curse of Ham & Rye is not real, UFOs are not visiting the Earth, and the Sasquatch Haderach is a myth. Also, there is no Santa Claus OR Easter Bunny.

Some clans have a majority of their members in the Blood Cabal; others are more common in Lazy Sunday.


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