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*Shadows: The Shadows know what evil lurks in the hearts of men. Then they kill the ones who are beyond redemption and try to manipulate the less tainted back to righteousness, while leaving the pure alone. Bellicosity +1, Perspicacity +1, Synergy +1
** Quote:
*Shadows: Lazy Sunday Shadows act as scouts and spies; many also act as vigilantes on the side, but their first devotion is to Lazy Sunday. Bellicosity +1, Perspicacity +1, Synergy +1
** Quote: "The Dogs are trying to break into the city for some reason. They had a big fight with the Eastwoods of the Blood Cabal. Perhaps we can find a way to use this."

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*Tramps: Unlike most clans, you have close ties to bands of wandering humans who go from town to town in family or small clan units of their own. The origin of these bands remain unknown but they are your close allies and you protect them as you blood-hobo your way across the world. Artistry +1, Normalcy +1, Synergy +1
** Quote:
*Tramps: The Tramps of Lazy Sunday are mainly there because they're treated better here, not because they care much about the Unclediluvians or fighting the Blood Cabal. A fair number are part of all-Tramp Packs affiliated with the nomads the Tramps have always protected, wandering the countryside between cities, somehow dodging the Lycanthropes. The rest pose as ordinary hobos and spy for Lazy Sunday. Their ability to pass as mortals lets them even infiltrate Blood Cabal circles as *servants*. Artistry +1, Normalcy +1, Synergy +1
** Quote: *listens quietly to a BC Vanderbilt on the phone with his flunkies while cleaning the room*

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*Vanderbilts: You are a wealthy vampire with class and taste, unlike those Ramones punks. Artistry +1, Synergy +2
** Quote:
*Vanderbilts: Someone has to fund Lazy Sunday and it's you; you're more robber baron or entrepreneur than settled wealthy aristocrat, running businesses to get profits that can be turned to the purposes of Lazy Sunday. Artistry +1, Synergy +2
** Quote: "The reason I need you to trash the factory is so that I can buy it at a fraction of the cost and use it to turn out those guns you love so much. Yes, of course I will have to fix it, but it will be worth it. Trust me."

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*Xanatosi: You are an uuuuuugggggglllllyyyyy vampire, twisted by your transformation, but it's also left you cunning, a manipulator and spy. Artistry +1, Perspicacity +1, Synergy +1
** Quote:
*Xanatosi: You are an uuuuuugggggglllllyyyyy vampire, twisted by your transformation, but it's also left you cunning, a manipulator and spy. No one is sure if they can trust you; lots of Lazy Sunday fears you're just spies for the Blood Cabal. Which you know some of you are, but not all. So you have to manipulate TWICE AS HARD to make up for it. Artistry +1, Perspicacity +1, Synergy +1
** Quote: "We kill everyone except the Renfrews who serve Carlyle. Why not them? If we let them live, everyone will suspect Carlyle made a deal with us and then he will be destroyed without us having to risk losing more members of Lazy Sunday trying to kill him. That's why. You saw what happened to the allegedly 'Badass' Pack when they invaded his mansion. Though I hear Victor was able to reassemble Tomas."

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** Strange, Off-Beat Clothing, Possibly from another century
** Prim, Proper 50s clothing

Ace of Clubs - Lazy Sunday

The secret society of believers in Vampire Privilege. Where the Blood Cabal hides from mankind, controlling it from the shadows, Lazy Sunday believes Vampires should be kings and queens, ruling mankind. They are led by the BasketBaals?, the Fourteenth Clan, usurped long ago by a Philistine Cult. In practice, take the worst white frat boy and give him vampire powers and that's most of Lazy Sunday, which is too decentralized to do a lot more than rampage as the Blood Cabal tries to restrain them and hide the existence of vampires.

Or maybe that's what they want you to think.

There are only thirteen clans because the BasketBaals? don't trust the Gyros to not try to usurp THEM too.

Lazy Sunday takes the official position that the Unclediluvians exist and must be overthrown, the Curse of Ham & Rye is the real origin of vampires, UFOs are visiting the Earth *and stealing our blood*, and the Sasquatch Haderach will one day lead Lazy Sunday to victory, in the final battle known as Pandemonium. Also, there is not just one Santa Claus and Easter Bunny, but many different versions.

Some clans have a majority of their members in the Blood Cabal; others are more common in Lazy Sunday.


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