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* Cold Reason: Reflexively reduce all Mental/Emotional? Conditions imposed on you by your Perspicacity.
* Joint Strike: You can make bare-handed or cane strikes which inflict Physical/Immobilization? Conditions, adding your Bellicosity to the Condition level.
* Parry Expert: Spend one Brainmeat to reduce any Physical Condition imposed on you by a melee attack by your Bellicosity.
* Well-Known: Spend one Reputation to impose the Social Backdrop The Great Detective Your Name is Well-Known and Respected at a level equal to your Perspicacity.
* Inventor: Spend one Brainmeat to have a needed piece of zero-level stuff which you could have invented.

3 of Hearts - "How I Invented Toilet Paper"

You became the hero who invented... something. Before anyone else could.


Normalcy +2, Perspicacity +1