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* United States: Once upon a time, there was a great republic in the old continent known as North America, back when it was in the Northern Hemisphere instead of the South, ruled over by a series of charismatic god-kings known as Presidents. It seems to have been destroyed, along with the other states of the Modern Era, in the chaos of the Game Wars. But you traveled through time to before it was destroyed and lived there for a time.
** Attributes: Bellicosity +1, Obstinancy +1, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Rant About Freedom and the Need To Defend It With Buckets Of Blood (Bellicosity + Obstinancy): NO ONE WILL TAKE YOUR FREEDOM / GUN / GAS-GUZZLER.
** Puissance Survive Fast Food: Reflexively reduce any imposed Physical/Poison? Condition by your Obstinancy.
** Possessions: Zero Level: Roll twice on [Modern Item Table]?; roll once for a level 1 item on the [Ranged Modern Weapon Table]?.

King of Clubs - Found a Hidden Civilization

You stumbled into a hidden civilization, who taught you their secrets.


Choose The Civilization You Found