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* Anasazi: Destroyed by climate change which cut short the growing season, this society was ruled by evil demon-worshipping spider-people in the land which is now the Southwestern US, but was once their empire.
** Attributes: Artistry +1, Normalcy +1, Synergy +1
** Penchant: Spider-Silk Weaving (Artistry + Normalcy): You know how to obtain spider silk and how to make it into clothing, paper, and a variety of other useful and beautiful things.
** Puissance Survive Poison: Spend one Health and reflexively reduce a Physical/Poison? condition by your Normalcy.
** Possessions: Zero Level: A large amount of spider-silk; beautiful spider silk clothing; Levellable Giant Spider Companion

King of Clubs - Found a Hidden Civilization

You stumbled into a hidden civilization, who taught you their secrets.


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