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* A Spaceship: Powered by Cold Fusion, which you invented so you could invent this. Take that, Elon Musk!
** Attributes: Normalcy +1, Perspicacity +2
** Penchant: Space Navigation (Normalcy + Perspicacity): You know how to operate a jump drive without having to get stoned or have a super-computer!
** Puissance Jury-Rigger: Spend one Brainmeat to add a zero-level feature to a spaceship for a number of scenes equal to your Perspicacity.
** Stuff: Zero Level: Lab Coat, Spaceship Repair Tools; Backyard Spaceship: Comfortably carries 4 into space; can make jumps a distance in Parsecs equal to your Perspicacity.

King of Hearts - Your Invention Worked

They said you were crazy, but now they will eat their words. Via your new device which turns words into salad.


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