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*Dream Crafter (Artistry + Normalcy): You can work on an artistic or craft project in your dreams and when you awaken, the results of your work become real; this usually requires starting the project in reality; making things appear in reality from nothing isn't impossible... but it is very hard.
*Dream Warrior (Artistry + Belicosity): You can fight Existential Creatures in your dreams, making Existential attacks on them as if they were normal, solid creatures.

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*Suspend Animation (Artistry + Obstinancy): You can sleep for days, months, years, millenia if need be, though the longer, the harder and when you sleep, your body lies preserved without need for food or drink; you can still be killed as you sleep but you sense the danger and can awaken.

Five of Hearts - Visited a Dream World

You spent years in a magical world, only to find it was all a dream when you woke up. Or was it?


Artistry +1, Synergy +1. Choose one stat at +1 (This includes getting more Artistry or Synergy)



Pick One: