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Pick One:
*City Grandma:
*Country Grandma:
*Hippie Grandma:
*Old Country Grandma:
*Witch Grandma:
*Enlightened: You have touched the Cosmic All and it touched you. Not like that. When you act from a cosmic perspective, you gain Fortune Dice; when you let the mundane world control you, you suffer Adversity Dice.

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* Tireless Scholar:
Pick One:
* Cosmic Grandma Guilt Power: You can make Social/Guilt? attacks on anyone who offends you; add your Normalcy to the level of any Conditions imposed.
* Secrets of Hindu Mind-Control, by an Anglo-Saxon Mother: You can make Mental/Emotional? attacks on anyonw who eats your food; add your Normalcy to the level of any Conditions imposed.
* You Can See The Fnords: You see all spiritual creatures, unless they deliberately hide. You gain a bonus die to all Existential actions.
* You Wouldn't Hit Grandma: Spend one Reputation to reduce all Physical damage by your Normalcy for the scene.

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* Levellable Item: Roll on the Modern Item Table
* A durable Apron
* Cooking Tools
* Grandma's Recipes: Reduce all Mental/Emotional? conditions imposed on you by your Normalcy.

9 of Hearts - Deciphered Grandma's Recipe Cards

The brownies *blew your mind*. Literally, in a metaphysical sense.


Artistry +1, Normalcy +2




Pick One: