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* Self-Repair Kit
* Create a Near Future tech zero-level attachment (like a datajack)
* Choose one Level One Attachment:
** Blender: You can make Physical/Melee?/Slashing? attacks AND blend things. What more could you want? Spend one Health to make any kind of blended drink you want without needing to go find ingredients, recipes, etc.
** Eye/Lasers?: You can make Physical/Ranged?/Energy? attacks. Spend one Health to add your Bellicosity to the damage you inflict.
** Programmed Morality: Your pre-programmed morality lets you reflexively reduce any Social/Obligation? conditions which would violate that morality by your Perspicacity.
** X-Ray Vision: You can see through walls and people. Gain one bonus die on any activity where this helps.

Five of Spades - Robot

You may want to become more like humans, want humans to be like robots, or maybe want people to just LET YOU DO YOUR OWN ROBOT THING, OKAY?

Choose one of the following options:


Chose one of the Following: