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Aggar and Sylia

[Aggar and Sylia]

These lands are vassal kingdoms of the Empire, like Akkad and Tarsh further south. They pay tribute and support the Empire but have local monarchs instead of a Lunar Satrap / Sultan. Ironically, the higher elevations makes these lands colder than some points further north along the Oslir. They are still in the process of being Lunarized, with Lunar temples in every city and found elsewhere, but most of the population still holds to their old religion within the limits allowed by the Lunar empire.


The Aggarites, when forced to abandon worship of Orlanth, turned to Elmal instead, and now worship him as the head of their pantheon and the husband of Ernalda. They claim Orlanth became a dragon and betrayed them all in the Dragonkill. Those who couldn't swallow this are now independent in the west, the Tarkaling Tribes. Some of those went further, decided Elmal was really Yelmalio and converted to his worship, building Sundomes and becoming more Pelorian in culture.

Rascius One Eyed is the aging king of Aggar; conflict is heating up around the succession to the throne and he is too tired to do much himself; his council may well dominate whoever takes the throne next. Meanwhile, they're unable to deal with the kingdom's problems due to their own manueverings. They will elect the next king from the nobility but the main candidates are all on the council and rivals.

In the cities, the tribe and clan structure has long collapsed; in the countryside, it grows weaker, with the King appointing clan chiefs and kings. Kings shuffle tribes and clans around as needed.

The Sundomers are currently torn by a theological schism and are feuding with each other; the council has been unable to fix the problem and often unable to even understand it. It revolves around the question of whether Yelmalio is real and Elmal fake, or if both gods are somehow real and the same but different, favored by Lunarized Yelmalions. If rumors are true, an effort to resolve this by Heroquest somehow ended in everyone being eaten by Zorak Zoran. Who was also Yelmalio, and thus eating himself or something.

The Tarkaling Tribes are a major source of trouble; with the King largely unable to make decisions, the council has to appoint a general to deal with them. This has yet to happen. Brandig, "King of the Autumn Mountains" is their self-proclaimed leader; they are mostly Orlanthi in culture.

The Telmori werewolves are sworn to the King, but in practice do their own thing, sending a small force to act as bodyguards to the King.

Northwest of Findala, you can find Lunarized Aldryami, who happily grow crops among the trees and sell small amounts of various drugs, rare plants, and cash crops; outsiders do not know what they plan to do with the money. They are said to be refugees from the Moonburn.


Once this was a purely Orlanthi land, home to the Alakorings. But Ingkot Axe-And-A-Half married Hwarin Dalthippa, the Conquering Daughter, child of the Red Emperor, Takenegi. With her by his side, he united all of the clans and other groups as well, then swore fealty to her father, the Red Emperor. Sylia has remained loyal since those days, even in the dark hours of the empire. But conversely, it's never come quite fully into the empire, remaining an allied kingdom.

Sylia retains traces of Orlanthi culture but has largely Lunarized over the last two and a half centuries. Names of people and places, what is eaten, and a few other customs remain but otherwise, you might easily mistake this for First Blessed.

King Izak the Blessed rules here now, married to a Carmanian bride (Astera) half his age; she's given him three young sons and that's what he wanted; others grumble about Carmanian influence and why he didn't take a local bride. Astera seems content to work on building a temple to Buserian, who she is a Devotee of, and to raise the kids but no one around here trusts a Carmanian to not seek power.

East of the Oslir and south of Kars is the land of the Jajalorings, who are very fond of dogs and worship a local dog-god, Jajagappa the Hound (Dog (Beast), Motion, Fertility). They are also masters of the sling and used to herd sheep a lot in the old days; these days, most of the land is farms and sheep are raised on ranches. Those who fight learn to fight in unison with their dog-friends.

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