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Doblian and Silver Shadow

[Doblian and Silver Shadow]

This region is part of the Imperial heartlands; indeed, it includes the imperial capital. Doblian was long more battlefield than province but is now healing; Silver Shadow is the very heart of the empire. Both regions are warmer than you would expect as they are lower in altitude than points south and warmed by imperial magics.


Often a battlefield, it is now a patchwork of many cultures whose homeland is elsewhere, gradually recovering from ancient wounds. The largest cultural group is the Pelandans, and the Satrap, Yan Kor Yan, is a Pelandan, but much of the government is full of Carmanians.

Wheat, barley, and corn dominate in the lowlands of the southeast; cattle and pigs and sheep roam the grasslands of the uplands, while fishing and rice production predominates close to Lake Carmania. The uplands fluctuate between warm fire seasons and bitterly cold storm and darkness seasons. The lowlands tend to have mild storm and darkness seasons and warm fire summers and very rainy storm and sea seasons.

The hills are home to the Arir, who are hunting and herding clans who try to hold to the old ways, led by the mightiest warriors and hunters. They find themselves confined and clearly chafe at it; they used to rule the lowlands but now they watch the weakling lowlanders strut around with power and wealth while they struggle to survive, working as mercenaries and herding their cattle and raiding each other in frustration. Some forty clans squabble over the lands, a grand total of 35,000, where once there were many more.

Silver Shadow

A strange land where the four magics are common under the Lunar Way and all peoples mix and meet in the shadow of the Red Moon, which stands high above its birthpoint, the Great Crater, which now is a huge lake ringed with strange mountains throw up when the Red Moon's core wrenched loose from the very earth and rose into the Middle Air with the Red Goddess. The Silver Proxy, chosen by the Red Emperor, rules this land for him; of late, though, he has become erratic and evasive and often vanishes into the streets of Glamour, leaving his subordinates to follow their own whims.

The land is bathed in a constant silvery glow which rises out of the crater and flows over the land like a mist, mixed with the red light of the moon. Nature is always placid where the glow spreads. Many Daimones of the Moon live across the land, helping out the locals and serving the Lunar Way.

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