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First Blessed and Karasal

[First Blessed and Karasal]

Part of the heartland of the empire, these lands are magically blessed with warmer weather than nature would normally dictate.

First Blessed

This area is both a major homeland of Dara Happans and the cradle of the Rinliddi culture. Further, it was the place where the Red Goddess was born and the Lunar Empire began, hence its name. There are three Dara Happan polises in the western zone but the whole river area is full of Dara Happans. The Rinliddi live in the eastern half of First Blessed, while the hills in the south are home to the Jalaki people, a nation of herders and miners.

The Dara Happan region is divided into plantations worked by slaves who grow a variety of cash crops thanks to the magic which artificially warms the Lunar empire in the north. Cotton, coffee, sugar, indigo and various spices flourish; many of the slaves are descended from Pentans who served Sheng Seleris.

The Rinliddi are reviving their ancient culture these days and reviving their raising of both flightless and flying birds. A colony of ducks dwells here with them and flourishes with uncommon acceptance. Some Darjinni have moved to the area bringing their great heron cult as well to the swamps of the Thunder Delta.

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Karasal is a meeting place but not melting pot of many cultures, each of which has its own ideas on how to run the place; the Satraps have to play them off against each other. The largest conflict is the battle of the Dara Happans who dominate the south and the Darseni who dominate the north of the Satrapy. Each want their own laws applied to the land.

The Darseni are matriarchal, ruled by a council of elder women and local Crones who lead individual towns. Each local community chooses a Brightface, a man whose job it is lead the men and ensure they follow the orders of the wise women. Darseni women govern and handle living things: planting, herding, child-bearing. Men fight and make tools and other goods and handle inanimate objects, doing things like mining. They live along the Great North River and the Cham River and dominate the port of Suisa, despite Dara Happan intrusions. They are protected by Great Sister, though they are not under her direct rule, nor is she one of them, except insofar as she is part of all groups.

The Great Sister dwells in Suisa, sister to the Red Emperor; like him, she changes from age to age, always mirroring him, strong when he is weak, harsh if he is gentle, kind if he is rough. In her current incarnation, she is stern and hard-working, watching vigorously over the empire. She does not drink or have sex or engage in other pleasures but works without ceasing. A powerful army, all-female, is based here in Karasal with her. Five regiments are stationed at Suisa, each 1000 strong. Two more are posted at Korjabedi.



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